Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics age-defying quantum physical products with rhododendron plant stem cells

The revolutionary new Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics age-defying luxury product line – a complete dimensional change in skin care

Thanks to the particularly successful quantum physical and nanotechnological researches, our products are able to achieve a unique effect of harmonizing external and internal beauty.

Ildikó Kovács-Magyar and András Kovács-Magyar dedicate their lives to a wonderful mission of creating new and exceptionally unique for those who seek to preserve their health, happiness and radiant individuality.

People with active lifestyle, in spite of all their efforts, are constantly facing ordeals and new daily challenges. For them it is essential to preserve their spiritual, mental and physical strength, as well as their harmony.

The Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics line offers the possibility to take our individual needs into account. Provides a unique opportunity to renew ourselves, through which, our real personalities may stand out.

Several studies have demonstrated that the skin is effectively regenerated during plant stem cell treatments due to the content of genetic factors which help the cells of an elder skin regain their ability to renew. Our cosmetics contain the stem cells of Alpine rose – Rhododendron – and the essences of herbs exclusively found in the mountains of the Alps. These plants are characterized by an extremely high resistance to the vicissitude of the seasons.

Diamond is one of the noblest gems, embodying perfection. Its ‘information’ provides protection against negative thoughts and vibrations. It helps to overcome our fears, our uncertainty; it boosts self-confidence, concentration and vitality. Does increase the energy level of the skin cells; the poorly functioning cells may start a new life. The gem itself embodies the strongest power which has always been associated with health and happiness.

Spotless purity with natural Alpine ingredients 

  • Rhododendron stem cells extract, the wonder of nanotechnology and quantum physics and all the secrets of the alchemists can provide fantastic effect.
  • The new technology restores the optimal balance of the skin through the input of information.
  • Nutritious properties and magical regenerative capacity.
  • Spectacular results at an incredible speed.
  • Internal and external beautifying effect and age-defying based on a totally unique concept.
  • Active ingredients impregnated with the information of diamond, 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  • It coordinates the texture of the skin to a perfect harmony.

Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics: revolutionary new internal and external beautification 

The skin, like all substances, has a material and a wave-like nature. As our cosmetic product line helps to restore the false tunes of the body with information, it proves an unprecedented opportunity to its fans.

Perfect skin care can be achieved if we take into account that the nature of the skin have to be served, so the skin nourishing ingredients and their information are found at the same time in the Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics.

  • The skin is a reflection of our inner state.
  • Perfect skin care requires a complex solution.
  • Thanks to the Matrix Drops quantum physical invention, internal and external beauty is achieved perfectly.
  • The Matrix Drops and the Diamond Cosmetics reinforce each other.
  • Significant increase in the aura and spectacular results are shown.

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