20 years of severe allegry

“My allergy symptoms started to show 20 years ago. I had high fever and food allergy to shellfish. My doctor recommended medical treatment. Despite all this, my allergy symptoms’ intensity increased within a short time and a few years later I was diagnosed with severe asthma.  Right after that I started to have sleeping disorders. I used to choke and suffer from respiratory distress. During that state I also had skin problems caused by allergic reactions and had red spots all over on my face and arms. 

This is when a good friend of mine introduced me to Andras. He measured a harmful Geopathic Stress Zone radiation that was going over my upper torso.  I am an engineer who is dedicated to the renewable energy sector, but I’ve never heard of  Geopathic Stress Zone radiation and harmful flows of groundwater before. As recommended by Andras treatments were not physical or chemical interventions, had nothing to lose, so I went through with it. I have started to take Matrix Drop 353 (potency F) for my allergy symptoms, and every time I take it my allergy is decreased significantly. This is my only way to protect against allergy season.

Engineer, Mihaly Eczeti, measured the radiation that was crossing right under my bed. After replacing the bed where it was free of terrestrial radiation, I received positive energy treatments from Andras and he cleaned my aura. He advised a number of steps to finally recover my health, strength. Eva Martin had made a full body analysis with the Matrix Drops Computer and detected the same energy level disturbances. I left out food allergens from my diet those which were recommended by Dr. Attila Palus. In two months my symptoms gradually disappeared, since then I have been in excellent condition, shape and free of allergic symptoms.  

My father was a diplomat and as a result, I have lived in several countries including: China, Cuba, England, USA, and now I live in Spain. In no part of the world I have been able to slow down the fast development of my allergy symptoms. Thank you for the recovery and help! I strongly recommend all of you this excellent cure:  Andras Kovacs-Magyar.”  

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These testimonials are for informational purposes only and are based on personal reports. They cannot be interpreted as statements of healing. No promises of healing are made or treated in medical terms. The Matrix Drops do not replace a doctor or naturopath. The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device, but a quantum physics device that compares and analyzes information patterns. Classical medicine has so far neither accepted nor recognized the observations presented by the Matrix Drops Computer. The Matrix Drops quintessences are not medicines, but products to support the development of consciousness. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on knowledge and experience with the Matrix Drops protocol itself.

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