5G and other electrosmog protection with MM protectors, programmed crystals and Matrix Drops products

5G and other electrosmog protection

Increasingly worry news and reports appear on the World Wide Web about electrosmog (Electromagnetic Radiation) and 5G radiation. Trees living near the 5G mobile towers and the bees flying around them are also dying. Watch the document video made about this:


Electrosmog is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrical appliances. The human body has not been subjected to such a serious degree of electrosmog load a few decades ago. The number of the set up transmission towers and radiant electrical equipment is radically growing in our world, in parallel the amount of disharmonious force fields increased. As a result, the electromagnetic radiation exposure increased more than 300 times on average. Recent summaries suggest that the values are even more daunting for 5G. The growing concern made the necessity of protection against the harmful radiation even more justified and indispensable. Electrosmog keeps the body in a state of constant stress, which continuously increases the tension and irritability in all living beings. As the stress increases, the immune system strength decreases. Radiation is not perceptible directly to our senses, but it is ubiquitous in our environment in the form of basic or background radiation.

5G and electrosmog protection.
MATRIX DROPS Quantum marker

Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is suitable for measuring quantum marks of electrosmog information disturbances

The MDC detects when someone has electrosmog overload. Not only malnutrition can cause excess acidity in the body, but geopathic earth radiation and electrosmog load as well. When we make a phone call we are exposed to such an effect, as if we were put our heads into a microwave. According to experts, who can also be seen in the documentaries a lot of autoimmune and cancerous diseases are starting as consequences of the phenomenon.

Matrix Drops Telefon elektrosmog protector
Mobile phone electrosmog protector
Matrix Drops - Car electrosmog protector
Car electrosmog protector
Matrix Drops - PC elektrosmog protector
PC and Laptop electrosmog protector

The electromagnetic radiation can be reduced to almost zero with MM electrosmog protectors, which are recommended to use on phones, laptops, vehicles and as personal protection.

Larger spaces, homes and offices can be harmonized with semi-precious and precious stones, programmed with a quantum physical process. At the quantum physics level, similar to the Matrix Drops, gemstones can be programmed by teleportation procedure.

5G és elektroszmog aura védelem - teleportációs eljárással kifejlesztett MD 869 információval kezelt kristályokkal

5G and electrosmog aura protection – developed with teleported MD 869 information-treated crystals


Electrosmog protection: MD 869F and MD 869K

The cells in our body are under electromagnetic control. Computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and home appliances also generate electromagnetic waves, affecting as a rhythmic signal to all living organisms. This flood of radiation has amazing negative effects on the pre-organism. For example: difficulty concentrating, irritability, heart problems, arrhythmias, respiratory distress, blood pressure problems, severe nerve damage, chromosomal distortions, disruption of DNA reproduction, which can generate abnormal cell division. Prolonged electrosmog loading causes degenerative transformation in the cells, which can lead to the development of brain tumors and other tumors, bone marrow cancer and leukemia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease. In sleep disorders, due to the decrease in the melatonin hormone can lead to a decrease in the oxygen supply to the blood, cells, brain, heart, and fatigue, headaches, dizziness, tremors, and blood pressure problems may occur.

Additional effects: an increase in blood-brain barrier function – becomes permeable, paralysis, muscle cramps, joint pain, glucose metabolism disorders, digestive disorders, hair loss, decreased sense of smell, stroke, respiratory problems and decreased immune system activity. Electromagnetic radiation can cause oxidative damage, which significantly reduces the number of antioxidants. With the space harmonization MM protectors, programmed crystals, precious stones and the Matrix Drops 869 F and K products, our organism information fields and fine bodies can be harmonized. (Furthermore, the Matrix Drops 1008 F. Oxygen information pattern and the Matrix Drops 723 F. Melatonin information pattern well complement the resolution of information disturbances.)

Matrix Drops - PC számítógép elektroszmog protektor

The MM electrosmog protection of Matrix Drops LTD. effectively attenuates the effects of low-frequency magnetic fields and radiation from high-frequency electromagnetic fields on humans, animals and plants.

The MM protectors shown in the picture are certified by the Anthological Health Researcher and Service Provider.

You can get more detailed information about the teleportation procedure in our video.

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