7th sense

Our new invention, the Matrix Drops Computer made it possible to reveal the real meaning of the seventh sense. Several people have asked us to unblock their loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances’ spiritual, emotional, relationship blocks, and traumas with the Matrix Drops.

How can we help when the desired loved one is not present during the MDC test?

We run a test on the absent patient through his/her morphogenetic field through their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The MDC Computer requires 1 minute concentration to analyze the absent patient and hooks on to his/her past and present concurrently. The accuracy of the measurements and solving present tasks, personal development beyond amuses professionals and people seeking the MDC tests. The holographic content of Matrix Drops shows the way out from our fate’s disturbing currents.

Always existed people with unique capabilities whom could surpass the boundaries of time and space. They were able to look into higher dimensions and worlds.

People blessed with this talent, is called the 6th sense (ESP-Extrasensory Perception).

With the help of advanced technology and our Matrix Drops software, we have reached an extraordinarily high technically conscious level, thus perhaps even surpassed it. Our MDC Computer transformed the subjective insights into objective ones. Due to this transformation, we reached a higher level than the 6th sense. This intuitive dimension is measurable with the 7th sense.

With the MDC we are able to carry out computer based measurements and insights of latent dimensions.

As the sixth sense is already well known, therefore I’ll intent to clarify the difference between the sixth and seventh sense by explaining the basic concepts.

Light as we know it concurrently possesses time and material nature of the wave (according to Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, light and all other object have wave and particle nature as well). We know the speed of light; 300.000 km/h other physical, and its energetic properties as well.

However ‘inner lightness’ is a completely different concept than ‘light’. ‘Lightness’ is a pervasive information itself. Information is reality or partially reflective part of reality. Regardless of time and space, information is present throughout the universe. No need to understand or perceive its existence, it manifests regardless.

Information doesn’t depend on energy or vibration. Cosmic ‘inner light’ is the source of all existence, the ‘highest’ reality. Impossible it is to detect this light with our five sense. We can only recognize it from within through meditation.

When observing a deceased person, we might ask if it’s real or a faux. Who is she/he? What is it? It’s hard to conclude the right answer.

Exists a physical life and a universal light. I don’t mean the ‘light’ which makes 300,000 km per second, but the ‘inner light’ which moves with unmeasurable speed. An inner light, that doesn’t need to penetrate because it’s present everywhere. This ‘inner light’ serves as a living example of the universe. Knowledgeable people seek such ‘inner lightness’. This essence manifests through us and from within.

Significant discovery in the XXI. century; detection of living systems’ essential skills with the MDC and tuning the balance of the generated information blocks and disturbances in the body with our Matrix Drops products.

Things appear real only when we perceive them as real and are detectable. Therefore, understanding of them depends only on the observer’s consciousness. Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung said, “Who looks outside, dreams, pays attention to the inner world, wakes up.” To wake up we need to crave the truth.

Physical rules apply in the physical world. Rules of waves and vibrations are also true up to a certain level. However, in the world of information different rules surface.

Contrary to all those in the world of information, the amount of information increases exponentially with time: during the use of information it doesn’t get destroyed, but re-used many times. In the case of information, sign transformation happens through an entirely different way.

The information is not tied to the physical world with vibrations and wave particles. These pure information carriers are called, MD products. Exceeding the physical and energetic levels, neither of the laws of physics nor wave are valid.

Must get familiar with a new concept: entropy- considered as negative information, force that causes chaos, and lack of information within the system. External data, any news from the outside (media, Tv, radio etc) doesn’t terminate uncertainty in the mind. Pure information is subjective (has an effect on us even when not received). It will remove the chaotic uncertainness and chaos encountered within us.

In the case of the sixth sense, entropy is still present. This particular lack of information, moreover confusion can be surpassed by the MDC seventh/7th sense objectivity.

How is this possible? The MDC computer has all the information contained in the Matrix Drops, derived from the elements of nature. In our memory we can encounter several holographic manifestations of emotional traumas. With the help of our Computer that runs these holograms on us, the Computer can detect recurring thoughts, traumas and disturbances affecting us.

One of the special gifts of the MDC is the capability of running a MDC test on our absent loved ones through a morphological field. Doesn’t only explore our personality but analysis the desired, absent one as well. Interest of areas: current fate, physical, psychological traumas suffered from emotional blocks and thoughts. Internal deformations may be a result of heavy metal accumulations and vaccination side effects, generated disturbances in our body.

The Matrix Drops Computer is a special device which is able to provide clear, blunt answers to the representatives of science and spirituality.

With the objective exploration of information blocks, disturbances, an opportunity will evolve to correct and harmonize such challenges with the help of the Matrix Drops products.

Some people might reject taking the MD products but once their relatives start to take them it affects their morphogenetic field. It was effective much that the skeptical ones got better as well. Let this serve as proof of the existence of the morphogenetic fields.

If you consider the above reading fascinating enough I’m looking forward to personally introduce you, and your loved ones, and favorite pets to this world. Thank you for your attention throughout our journey to the seventh dimension, which is a significant part of the Matrix Drops protocol!

András Kovács-Magyar

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