András Kovács-Magyar

András Kovács-Magyar

Medium, Factfinder, Healer, Inventor, Spiritual teacher

  • Medium. He conveys the messages of the highest level of the spirit world. Thanks to this he sees clearly the lies about the past, the deceit we live in, and the probabilities of what is waiting for us in the future.
  • Factfinder. He reveals to us the true history of humanity that has been hidden from us. Having these available, facts, findings, concealed truth, and shocking details about how religion and history were misleading us throughout millennia, will be revealed to us.
  • Healer. He has been given the power of the spirit world. With the Matrix Drops Protocol system, he gave back the health of hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Inventor. With his inventions of the Matrix Drops information remedies, and the Matrix Drops Computer, he guides humans, animals, and plants back to their perfect state of health, and ensures our survival.
  • Spiritual teacher. In his school of Awakening to Self Awareness, he teaches us how to perceive the invisible reality, measure phenomena of soul or spirit, and get into direct contact with the spirit world.

Millions of people in Hungary know András Kovács-Magyar as an exceptionally successful healer, medium, writer, and inventor. For more than 30 years, András has been engaged in deciphering the secrets of the soul, health, history, and spirit world. For more than two decades, he has appeared in the media, on television and radio programs, presenting his miraculous healings and interpreting messages from the spirit world. He gave hundreds of presentations and lectures in different parts of the world. He wrote nine books, several of which have been translated into English, German, and Italian.

“Humanity has reached a turning point. Reviving our awareness of our existence on the spiritual level is essential to our survival. Our future depends on our ability to recognize the spiritual norms and our willingness to integrate them into our lives.”András Kovács-Magyar

The key message of our time is that there is an invisible Spirit World and that there is a Creator. The messages of the spirit world that András Kovács-Magyar mediates predate the indicated events by months or years – this authentically proves his direct medium connection with the highest levels of the spirit world.

It will be a European country where the Oracle will be born and he will work with a small group of people who are walking the path of learning the spirit world, with the purpose of helping people on Earth see clearly the intentions of demons. From this group, disciples will go into the world to awaken people from their sleep.”Rudolf Steiner

All of András Kovács-Magyar’ teachings serve people in awakening to the awareness of their spiritual existence. He teaches about the dual nature of our world; how the spirit world works; how our history was falsified; and how religions and science are misleading us.

Nowadays, the knowledge of the spirit world has awakened from its thousand-year amnesia. This is what gives us the opportunity to raise the level of our spirit. All the magic of the ancient world was rooted in honoring the True God. Then dark philosophies and the Catholic Church convinced people that God is such a being that cannot be perceived in any way. As a consequence, the whole of humanity got trapped as people became completely unaware of the spirit world. In our current historical era, we can enter a new level of development of human consciousness, learn about and even interact with the creative forces, and use the information we receive in the material world.”András Kovács-Magyar

András Kovács-Magyar talks openly about how he is helped by the spirit world, and in it by 12 Great Spirits, while he is healing, teaching, and creating inventions. Thanks to them, he possesses a unique kind of power, the power given by the spirit world. András Kovács-Magyar – thanks to this divine power – is able to command the dead souls and spirits trapped between different realms, and he has freed thousands of people from spiritual obsession. With the support of the spirit world, he can also neutralize the effects of spells and curses sent out by people who practice black magic, through which he has already helped hundreds of people whose life turned into a catastrophe by those events.

András has been successfully curing psychosomatic diseases for several decades. One of the keys to his success was a fundamental understanding of the real nature of soul-related problems. It is already well known that these are the problems that cause physical symptoms with time. What he became aware of, however, is that our soul-related struggles are often caused by obsessing spirit entities or curses.

András Kovács-Magyar’ books published in English

“Hungary is such an aviary from which, the time will come that a beautiful bird will fly out one day. Much suffering still awaits them, but they will gain a glory unparalleled in all of Europe. I envy the Hungarians because, through them, great happiness will pour out upon humanity. Few nations have such a powerful Guardian Angel as the Hungarians, and it would certainly be better for them to ask more strongly for His effective providence for their country.”Padre Pio

Csaba Vida and his company Brilliant Water represent the spiritual teachings of András Kovács-Magyar, and the system of Matrix Drops, around the world.

“I have been a student of András Kovács-Magyar for almost 20 years, and our first meeting already created a turning point in my life. He revealed my strengths and weaknesses and showed me how far I could get by developing my spiritual awareness. Later, he unveiled my previous lives and the purpose of my present incarnation, and then led me to my spiritual self.
Our trips to mystical places around the world, as well as the incredible adventures I experienced while traveling with him, far exceeded my imagination. I was fortunate enough to be part of events when he came into direct contact with the spirit world and also witnessed him healing the blind, deaf, or paralyzed, and even raising the dead.
During András Kovács-Magyar’ lectures and interviews, everyone can feel the unique kind of power that is radiating around him, which ignites the soul and revives the faded spirit. We are on the threshold of a new era. Through the teachings of András Kovács-Magyar, we can learn how to heal our body and soul, and how to get into direct contact with the spirit world.”Csaba Vida

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