Basics of Alchemy – Part 1.

Religion and science are make-believe. Our task is to break through these bubbles and uncover the reality behind the appearances.” – András Kovács-Magyar

The natural elements are nothing but divine manifestations of creative information. In creation, fire appeared first, then water, then air, and finally earth. When these elements stabilized, the first seed of life appeared. This happened on the Monday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. We celebrate that at Easter. Easter is a holiday feast glorifying nature.

Matter also has a divine creative nature, a creative information pattern. By this information pattern, protons and electrons arrange themselves in a unique form and create the holographic reality of matter on a physical level.

Most elements of the periodic table do not exist in a pure natural form, but only as compounds. In connecting some elements, the Creator ensured that a separate element could not be released freely. For example, He bound lead to sulphur. Only lead sulfate occurs in nature. Likewise, the metal iron does not exist in nature, it only occurs in compounds.

The discovery of each metal changed human society, the spirit of a metal ruled through the ages.

Copper Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Back then, people had 1000-2000 years to get acquainted with the spirit of a particular metal. Today, the unleashed spirits of nearly 100 metals burden us. Mankind believed that they had conquered the world of matter, but in the meantime the spirits of the metals were released. Today, the problem is so big that it could destroy life on Earth. But the scientific world doesn’t even think about preventing this. It is now clear that science alone cannot solve this. We must seek Spiritual help.

Aluminum does not exist in its pure form, only embedded in bauxite. It takes tens of thousands of volts of electricity to extract aluminum from bauxite.

The aluminum is separated from bauxite as a material, but scientists are not exactly sure what is released in the process.

The spirit of aluminum, locked in bauxite for millennia, is released. It fulfills people’s wishes like that of a genie, but after that the spirit is not banished back to the bottle, it roams freely in the world and destroys it. With aluminum and electricity, the technocratic era that defines our time has begun.

Catalysts are the best examples of spiritual presence. Not only living beings, but also metals have a spirit.

A few illustrations. Platinum, which is present in the catalytic converter of a car, solves the carbon dioxide problem. Platinum is just there, it does not set free an atom, and over the years the platinum in the catalyst doesn’t decrease either. Plants have magnesium, not iron, but if the environment of plants does not contain iron, they die. They cannot absorb iron, but need iron as a catalyst. And when aluminum is extracted from bauxite, the material is recovered, but 99% of the spirit of aluminum is released. With the unleashed spirit of aluminum, our mucous membranes dehydrate, our emotions and relationships wither and we become lonely.

We only use 4 metals in their natural form: copper, gold, silver, mercury.

All other metals are used chemically modified. Metals that are pure in nature, such as silver and gold, were always being used to praise the Creator. The ancient civilizations were not adorning themselves with these metals for personal desire, but did so for the glory of God. They were wearing the jewelry on holy festivals and decorating their holy places with it. Precious metals having divine symbols, are describing the glory of God.

After the metals were modified, unleashing their spirits in the process, the chemists released sulfur and phosphorus and turned them into explosives, just as the dark side suggested. The modification of all metals and natural elements was suggested by the dark side.

Then came the world of synthetic materials.

During World War I, when all sugar was used to make explosives, the first artificial sweetener, saccharin, was made from tar. This was the start of the age of copies made from coal tar, and today we live in an era of plagiarism, the age of plastics.

The task for the next decades and generations is repairing what our generations have ruined.

We have poisoned the earth, flora, animals, and human beings. Now, there is still an opportunity to reverse this with the arising of another option. Chemistry is a model – and a chemical formula is but a blueprint, which doesn’t guarantee it will work. We do not see the world in models, but as a whole, like the alchemists of yesteryear. We examine everything in relation to everything, in its respective environment.

Heavy metals are a civilization problem. The name heavy metal refers to the toxicity of the metal. Medical scientists already have an idea of the size of the problem, but they have no idea how to measure the actual exposure or how to get it out of the body, so they hide the danger. Science has unleashed the spirits of metals, but has no solution.

When metals are incorporated into the living organism, they attract fungi, bacteria and viruses, and block the functioning of the immune system.

Striking is that the beneficial bacteria and fungi are not attracted, only the harmful ones. The metal strengthens the invaders, forms a closed colony in which they can multiply, and does not allow the immune system to work there.

Substances released from natural, creative information patterns cannot be controlled, only their spirit. To do this, you have to rise on a dimensional level. The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) displays the civilization factors that boost the invaders and weaken the immune system.

The quantum markers used by the MDC show how humans, animals and plants are affected by the released spirits of metals and other synthetic materials. With the help of Matrix Drops, plants, animals, humans as well as the earth are able to eliminate heavy metals.

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