Basics of Alchemy – Part 2.

Being and Essence

All living beings have an essence – a natural, individual quality with creative information patterns. When we are born, we acquire a physical body and when we die, we shed our body and our essence returns to where it came from: to higher, immaterial dimensions. All living beings, plants and animals, but even objects that are considered inanimate, such as minerals, have an essence.

With the Matrix Drops remedies the essence of human beings, animals, plants and soil can be revealed. Taking the Matrix Drops will evoke a message, a creative information from God. When our being meets another living being, we can be in harmony. But, when we encounter a synthetic thing, we cannot attune with it because it has no essence.


Rhythm is one of the manifestations of the world created by God. It is a cycle and a natural part of life – we come and go, we rise and fall.

Verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” – Jesus (John 12:24 KJV)

Artificial materials lack this pulsation, this rhythm. They produce garbage, not only in our environment but also in our bodies. Since not all waste can be eliminated, it becomes a breeding ground for diseases. Things, not being created by God, but produced by chemistry, have no essence and remain here forever as garbage. Chemicals have no rhythm. How could plastic dissolve as it, after all, has no essence. These materials have nothing to do with the natural creative Source.


Chemistry in Egypt called the dark, forbidden science of the earth – is the opposite of divinely revealed knowledge. Chemistry tries to copy divine creative information, but never succeeds. Chemists are undeterred from using dark, satanic forces.

Chemists have unleashed something that didn’t exist before. For millennia, alchemists guarded the forbidden knowledge that chemists are free to use today. And they don’t care what the consequences are. In just 100 years, the earth has been made almost uninhabitable. Science always says what it claims to be true, is true according to the current state of science. Thus, science takes no responsibility, and can always overwrite its previous position, even with the completely opposite.

Synthetic materials, generally composed of tar and petroleum derivatives, are hostile to life. These substances are always energetically unbalanced and carry left-turning, life-hostile energies. They are contrary to the dynamic creation of God. Their reflection is chemistry. Synthetic materials appear chemically identical to the copied natural material, but biologically they are completely different. There is no life in them. Biology is termed organism, and chemistry mechanism. In polarised light, the motion of atoms of artificial materials is opposite to that of natural materials.

Chemistry doesn’t know what it’s doing. Since the dark side has already lost its creative ability, it whispers thoughts of darkness into people’s ears, especially of well-trained scientists, who carry out their anti-life, destructive plans (see movie: Wonder Woman).

Alchemists were moving spiritual forces. Physically, not chemically, treating the elements and substances with their Magian knowledge. Moving the creative information patterns to achieve the desired ideas and effects. Chemists synthesize elements, e.g. magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, but these do not occur in nature in this synthesized form as used by chemists, so the results cannot be natural matter in the first place.

We must understand the elements alchemically. For 48,000 years people have been dealing with the elements alchemically, only a few hundred years ago mathematics, chemistry and physics came to the fore. We should return to revelation, because God has revealed everything. Alchemists have been contributing largely to improve the natural working of the elements.

Water is never H2O. Water is much more than that, it carries life. Until now, science has not been able to create life. The purpose of science is to deny the Creator. Science itself cannot even produce the germ of life.

The spirits of matter were released on earth. Only God can hold back the dark spirits. When we come into direct contact with the Great Spirit, He can tell us what to do. We have direct contact with God through András Kovács-Magyar. The message was conveyed by God, not in a scientific way, but through a work of art. Matrix Drops is not a science, but an art with a philosophy behind it. Matrix Drops is the art of alchemy, the art of healing. With their help we can break the bubble of science and religion. With his new approach to alchemy, András Kovács-Magyar is preparing a new path for the future.

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