Brightness and darkness – in spiritual terms

Brightness and darkness

On the level of the soul, if you are bright, you can see the connections clearly. In the spiritual sense, brightness means the person of God himself. Light can only come from God, He is the source. The greatest sin is not knowing where you come from, and not having any Knowledge of God.

The dark side wants to cover up all that is divine. But Brightness wants to reveal everything, make everything visible, even the secrets. Let us see how people relate to Brightness. As long as people benefit from the Brightness, they enjoy it and are happy about it. Beyond that, they prefer darkness to light. This is because anyone who does wrong hates the brightness and will not go to the Brightness in order to avoid being exposed.

But who is he, who is righteous, who acts in a righteous way? He goes towards the Brightness. The men of darkness are faceless, they cannot be seen. People of Brightness stand up for themselves, and their identity.

As soon as the children of the dark side hear something good, for example when someone quotes the words of Jesus, a program is triggered in the children of the dark side and Satan takes the good out of their hearts and minds.

The way you recognize the children of the dark side: even though they hear something pure and good – something that is inspiring, something that gives you vitality – after a moment the smile is gone from the children of the dark side’s face just as if they have heard nothing.

Whenever you hear something good and that good thought starts to operate in you, know then, that you are a child of the Light. But if you notice that, after listening to something good, just a few seconds later you have already forgotten about it, then be aware that Satan has taken the positive thoughts out of your mind, out of your soul. This is when people start to complain about the fact that nothing good happens to them. The reason why nothing happens is: they don’t let the good program run in them. They let Satan take the positive things out of them. Let us pay attention to keeping the Light within us.

For those who live in the darkness, only material things exist. For those living in the darkness, neither spiritual nor anything of the soul exists. The dark ones have even removed the word spirit from the Bible. Only the material world exist for them.

Darkness is slowly but surely consuming everything that is human, all that is spiritual. It is anti-life. If there is nothing of the spirit in something, it is anti-life. Brightness is life-giving because it is the source of life itself, the great spirit, God.

We, the disciples of Jesus, must pass on this message, especially through our actions.

Many can talk about Jesus, but few can carry out the deeds. Only those who really put it into practice can truly call themselves disciples of Jesus. Spiritual teachings must also be learned. We need a school. Just like you need to learn an instrument or a language, you need to learn spirituality. And we need to be able to channel the spiritual power of Jesus through us, and a series of miracles will happen through us.

For those of us who encounter both good and evil spirits, the eternal life of the spirit is not a question. We know that spirits exist. They have existed and they will exist. It is a great thing to look into the future, but it is equally important to look back truthfully into the past. Those who cannot see the past clearly are stuck in a place of uncertainty. Without the spiritual teaching of Jesus, we would not be able to see up to the tip of our noses. We would be in the dark. Our physical sight is a blessing, but physical sight is incapable of seeing the connections. In order for us to see connections, we need spiritual insight.

The fact is that our minds cannot solve spiritual problems. Everyone knows that problems on the level of the soul are the cause of our physical problems. We cannot make our minds understand what is going on in our souls. They try to explore the soul, and they try to find the causes of the psychological problems. But these causes cannot be found in the soul, the causes of these problems can only be found in spiritual matters. Today’s psychology is a one-armed giant because it has no spiritual knowledge of self. With spiritual guidance, we can solve psychical and physical problems. The lack of spiritual vision is darkness itself. And if one has no spiritual insight, one lives in darkness.

Everyone who does something bad hates the light and will not go to the light lest his deeds are found out. On the other hand, whoever conforms his deeds to righteousness will go to the light, that his deeds may be revealed. The more the faith of God lives in a person, the more light will be revealed through him. Darkness is not only the absence of truth but also the denial of truth. That is, if one professes false truths, he is dark. The children of the Light must learn how to say no.

Satan has been working for 6,000 years to turn people toward darkness. But light cannot be dominated by darkness. He who suffers in darkness gets lost in his own interests. His life becomes a series of smaller larger struggles born of selfishness, which ignite terrible wars. Darkness sees only its own interests. Those in whom the message of Jesus shines know where they have come from and where they are going. Thus their life has a meaning, a source, and a purpose, they are not at the mercy of blind fate and chance or of some kind of destiny, but they can feel the loving hand of God on them.

Quote from the teachings of Kovács-Magyar András


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