1. Brilliant Resilience

Development of mental resilience

  • Recognition and treatment of personal stressors
  • Psychological tolerance development
  • Determination of psychological burdens and past traumas
  • Development of consciousness
  • Development of willingness to change, recognition of mental blocks
  • Development of cooperative skills, recognition of inhibitions

2. Brilliant Coaching & Mentoring

Personality analysis, development of self-awareness and cooperation skills, mapping of current life challenges and support in solving them, increased effectiveness and quality of life

3. Brilliant Selection

Support of selection processes with unique and objective information: consciousness level, constitution of the soul, motivations, personality traits, behavioral patterns, abilities and limitations, effectiveness and obstacles, false beliefs and current life challenges

4. Brilliant Executive Coaching

new generation of executive coaching

  • Development of intuition
  • Increased EQ
  • Development of consciousness
  • Recognition and correction of false beliefs
  • Recognition of current life challenges, support in solving them
  • Recognition of constitution of the soul
  • Strengthening of virtues, overcoming weaknesses
  • Mapping of burdens in different levels: energetic, emotional, mental
  • Support of leadership decision-making
  • Measurement and development of leadership skills
  • Measurement of internal obstacles and identification of exact causes
  • Burnout prevention, identification of causes

5. Brilliant Crisis Solutions

Mapping of background of cooperative and emotional problems of the individual and group and support in solving them

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