Camexpo – London

“Everything that happens to us during our lifetime leaves a mark on our soul. For quantum physics, these can be recognized as information patterns. The fundamental operating principle of the Matrix Drops Computer is to detect information patterns and potential distortions of them. The computer does not work with vibrations or energies, but rather with the highest level principium, information.”

Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar

Based on Matrix Drops Computer scans performed during Camexpo 2014, visitors enthusiastically reflected how the results regarding the current life assignment and most significant mental, spiritual, social problems were realistically revealed by the computer.  To overcome these challenges almost everyone chose to try Matrix Drops Quintessences recommended by the computer.  In the past weeks, we have received positive feedback from these individuals where they describe considerable improvement on, resolution of, or a brand new perspective towards challenges that may have been lingering for decades in areas such as the soul, mind, relationships and emotions.

“The Matrix Drops Computer works like our own extended intuition. However, while our own intuition may be subjective, the observations of this computer are always objective. This is referred to as the 7th sense. This appliance is the first of its kind. Such a device never existed before.”

Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar

The computer is capable of revealing underlying problems of the subconscious hiding behind a physical problem or illness while the Matrix Drops Quintessences are able to help dissolve such root causes for good.

Thank you to everyone for visiting the Brilliant Water stand. It was great pleasure to meet and talk about Matrix Drops with hundreds of talented and experienced healing professionals.

Brilliant Water Team


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