The Biggest Secret: The TRUTH

Operation of the spiritual world
Hidden, real history of Europe

About spiritual science

Presentation of the book The Biggest Secret: The Truth

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Beauty, Health and Youth

Revolutionary new inner-external embellishment – Matrix Drops Age-defying Program – An example with the Revitalizing Serum

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Fear of Tests, Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety

4+1 recommendations from Matrix Drops so that you can help to dissolve the information disturbance behind the fear of failure and lack of achievement.

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Demon of Shame

Shame is one of the most destructive, demonic forces in life. The feeling of shame always arises in us because of something that others have done to us.

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dog sad

Is your dog sad or afraid when being left alone?

According to animal psychologists, dogs do not live in the world of thoughts, but of emotions, so it is not surprising that grief can also affect our little pets.

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Matrix Drops Computer downloadable Brochure

Matrix Drops Computer – Get connected to your Divine Consciousness and rely on your Awaken Discernment.

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Matrix Drops Farming downloadable Brochure

Matrix Drops plant-conditioning products for 100% Chemical- and Heavy Metal-free Horticulture and Agriculture.

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Creative Information Patterns Programmed into Water

Matrix Drops Complex Products downloadable Brochure

Creative Information Patterns Programmed into Water.

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The book by András Kovács-Magyar

The book “Keys to prevent and solve seemingly incurable diseases” by András Kovács-Magyar has been published and is available to order.

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Predictions of American visionary Edgar Cayce

Predictions of American visionary Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) for the beginning of the 21st century.

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Matrix Drops Computer Get Connected To Your Divine Consciousness And Rely On Your Awaken Discernment

Around the world, people face challenges they are unprepared for and cannot react to with anything but fear.

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Deceptions of our time

1, At the level of the physical body: a, Sugar consumption Medicine has now recognized that, for example, CT (computer tomography) combined with PET (positron emission tomography), the most modern method of imaging the diagnosis of cancer, provides a radioactive sugar solution to the subject as a contrast agent. Sugar is the substance that is […]

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Basics of Alchemy – Part 2.

Being and Essence All living beings have an essence – a natural, individual quality with creative information patterns. When we are born, we acquire a physical body and when we die, we shed our body and our essence returns to where it came from: to higher, immaterial dimensions. All living beings, plants and animals, but […]

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Developing mental power with Matrix Drops

“The highest intelligence is the ability to grasp life spiritually.” – Plato

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Basics of Alchemy – Part 1.

“Religion and science are make-believe. Our task is to break through these bubbles and uncover the reality behind the appearances.” – András Kovács-Magyar The natural elements are nothing but divine manifestations of creative information. In creation, fire appeared first, then water, then air, and finally earth. When these elements stabilized, the first seed of life […]

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Danger of radioactive contamination because of the war in Ukraine

Many fear that one of the possible consequences of the war in Ukraine is the damage to a nuclear reactor that could radioactively contaminate large parts of Europe. Amnesty International, WHO and UNESCO warn that nuclear power plants and chemical plants in eastern Ukraine pose a potential threat as they could cause extremely high levels […]

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