Characteristics of scalar energy summarized by experts

In 1950, researches conducted in the well known Max Planck Institute showed how scalar energies affected living organisms.

Max Planck - Scalar energy

When the body was treated with scalar energy, the peculiar energy „unfolded” as if from a coccon thereby enhancing the biofield external to the body. The exact same field diffunded into the cells and tissues within the body. It enhanced circulation and flexibility of blood the vessels. Good circulation and optimal blood flow contributed to the healing of affected areas. Due to the effects of scalar energies, the pressure against tissues decreased leading to significant healing process improvements of swollen and painful bodyparts.

In studies conducted in a laboratory environment, the German researcher Andrija Puharich found that scalar energy enhances the functioning of the immune as well as endocrine systems.

Dr. Glen Rein, biophysics researcher of the American Heart Math Institute, discovered that the number of limphocytes (a type of white blood cell) grew by 70% when treated with scalar energy over those lymphocytes that were not treated by scalar energy. This way he proved that scalar energy is capable of enhancing our immune response.

Robert Jacobs, teacher at the Rochester University, established that scalar energies affect the living organism at subatomic (micro) level. He discovered that when scalar energy is applied at certain periodicity, bacteria and viruses perish. They also speed up the regeneration of tissues and healing of wounds. He observed that the immune system strenghtened and inflammation was greatly reduced.

He claimed that scalar energies strengthen self-healing capabilities.

  • They propagate faster than light – at twenty-seven times the speed of light according to Nikola Tesla.
  • Their effect is independent of space and time.
  • They are more ancient, more universal than magnetic fields.
  • They relay energies.
  • They cannot be checked by instruments used to gauge electric and magnetic fields since those measure electric current and energy transmission.
  • They penetrate all materials – even Faraday cages cannot block them.
  • They represent such a level where materia and consciousness can interact.
  • They generate a conscious field.
  • They are a peculiar energy form that can command the organism for complete regeneration and the starting of self-healing mechanisms.
  • They take effect at the cellular level.

Scalar energy is capable of relaying behavioral patterns that can be retrieved from elements, minerals, cells and crystals found in Nature.

What Dave is made of

How does scalar energy help?

It enables the isolation of cells. Water molecules organize into smaller clusters, thus circulation improves. This aids faster fluid flow which ensures quick delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste products from the system. Abundantly flowing energies in our body fields assist the permeability of cells as well. Better permeability delivers better supply of nutrients and more effective detoxification.

Scalar energy, nourishment of cells and detoxification:

Scalar energy improves circulation. For the human body to function optimally, cell functioning must be most favorable. A couple of the most critical conditions for this are supplying cells with nutrients and detoxification.

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