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Since childhood, mysticism, the reality beyond the senses, has always attracted me. I studied astrology, numerology, tarot card, and palm analysis to decipher my soul and understand the world’s secrets. As an adult, I approached European and American fortune tellers, clairvoyants, to tell me who I am, who I was in my previous lives, and whether such a wonderful life really awaited me as I had dreamed of as a child at night. At that time, I experienced a completely different reality in my dreams than during the day. Because I had logically no chance of the life I saw in my dreams, my days were dominated by growing anxiety and depression.

By the age of twenty-one, there were already physical symptoms of these mental cramps. I always had objections to medical methods, so I tried alternative therapies. I visited famous healers and tried several methods but could not achieve a breakthrough.

By the time I was 35, all I had were a successful business and a broken marriage that ended in my greatest fear of being left alone. My problems and despair deepened even more. It was at this time that I bought an IWC – Mark XV watch. Two weeks later, I first visited the school of András Kovács-Magyar to get acquainted with his healing method. He was a healer widely known and recognized in Hungary already. When I started listening to him, a strange, unprecedented feeling came over me. I have noticed a pleasant tingling deep in my chest and a liberating feeling in my soul. The decades of fatigue, pulling-down thoughts, and negative emotions vanished due to the extraordinary force emanating from András. I felt that he was the one I’d been looking for – unconsciously – for decades.

András mentioned a biblical quote on this day: Mark 6.8. I immediately started to wonder whether Mark 15 on the face of my watch was also in the Bible. I found the following in Mark 1:15: “…The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand.…” A joyful shiver ran through me. This synchronization said to me that the time had come for the spirituality represented by András to have the Divine truths revealed. His teaching made it clear that my psychosomatic and autoimmune illnesses are caused by a disorder in my self-awareness and some environmental factors. András’s teaching showed a way out of my self-destructive lifestyle and reignited the fire in my soul. Over the past two decades, I have met thousands of people who report similar experiences and have gone through similar changes due to his teaching.

Modern education favors the mind, and spiritual educators focus on the soul. András always emphasizes that he is a spiritual teacher and training the spiritual nobles of the future. The innermost essence of man is his spirit, his spiritual self-awareness; it is the highest level of manifestation of a human being. Because spiritual consciousness cannot be misled or deceived, they invested all efforts possible to obscure our spiritual self-awareness in recent millennia. Religions have abolished the spirit; they speak only of the soul, and materialistic science studies only the bodily processes and tries to silence the soul. Thus, for many, only consciousness on the physical body level and an easy-to-manipulate mind remain.

We live in the age of deception and misleading. We are deceived in nutrition, our faith in God, the practice of healing, and the different teachings. It is almost impossible to find the truth behind appearance simply through thinking, as they can mislead the mind effortlessly. With modern psychology tools, they can also deceive the soul easily. Only our spirit, our spiritual self-awareness, can recognize lies and truth. I know only two gates where I can connect with my spirit and the spirit world: my dreams and the Matrix Drops Computer.

Medicine watches the body, and psychology observes the soul. The Matrix Drops Computer, developed by András Kovács-Magyar based on spiritual intuition, also examines body and soul while communicating with the highest level possible, the spiritual consciousness. Through this connection, we can learn everything about the soul and the body without distortion, and we can get answers to the questions working within us. Spiritual development is inconceivable without deep self-knowledge. András’s invention is a modern, objective means to achieve this that can follow changes dynamically.

Using the Matrix Drops Computer, we can awaken the obscured spirit. Anyone awakened to his spiritual self-consciousness can clearly see the deceptions and manipulations. He can change his derailed life processes through his conscious decisions. In this way, he can also cure his physical problems more efficiently.

We are on the verge of a new age that will be completely different from what we are used to. Old patterns of life management and way of thinking will soon be useless. With the help of the Matrix Drops Computer we learn how we can cleanse and heal our body and soul and how we can develop our intuitions and spiritual sensitivity. I wish you uplifting experiences on this spiritual journey.

Csaba Vida

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