Controlling cold fusion in living organisms by Matrix Drops

Hidden secrets of alchemy in Matrix Drops.
Until now, the elements of Mendeleyev’s system have been known at the physical and electrochemical level. Successive elements possess extra protons, neutrons and electrons, therefore carry different information, as well as physical and chemical properties.

At the beginning of the creation of the universe there existed dimensions and information. Then space and time and the first element charged with energy and material, hydrogen, manifested. The other elements were formed by the process of fusion and increasingly complex information could appear in material form. The nature of the elements were characterized by the informaion that created them just as were their behavior and other properties as well.

Each element possesses features that are characteristical only about them. In other words, each element has its own nature. All existing material has physical properties. Energies have wave-like properties while information has behavioral patterns. Compounds of elements are manifestations of yet other information patterns.
For easy orientation, use the table below:

After the creation of the oxygen element, during the bonding with hydrogen, the second condition for biological life was created. Thus with the appearance of water a higher level of development began: that of living creatures.

During the development of life, organisms appeared that possessed more and more information and at the peak of creation stood mankind.  Myriad of elementary particles and water form the foundations of our body. The human body can be viewed as a liquid crystal structure which, beyond the mind, is controlled by the human spirit.

Lack or surplus of elements is reflected in the nature and spiritual properties of beings.

In order for an organism’s spiritual, emotional, relational properties to become traceable, we must first discover the information patterns of elements and associated behavioral characteristics belonging to them. One of the essences of our invention is that we have collected the majority of all existing pure information patterns, such as elements, compounds, heavy metals, minerals, planets, bacteria, fungi, viruses, amino acids, plants, animals and those building up humans.

Then we solved the challenge of long-term storage of information. Thus were born the Matrix Drops products. Each element that can be found in nature has good and bad qualities and behavioral patterns that can or cannot be controlled easily.

Using Mendeleyev’s periodic system analogy, we created the system of the nature and behavior of elements. Centuries earlier alchemists had already explored this phenomenon at which, in more recent times, Walter Russell (1871-1963) excelled. Building on the foundations of ancestors, with the aid of modern technology, we further refined the identification of the exact nature of elements, then digitized these findings at the turn of the millenia.

Thus was born the Matrix Drops Computer, a user-friendly device accessible to everyone, which, armed with knowledge, can peek into the nature of minerals, plants, animals and humans. Then the carrier of pure, elemental information, the Matrix Drops products, as model patterns can assist in the restoration, creation of balance.

The mind thinks; consciousness has recognitions

The following recognitions have inspired our research:
When all members of the same family eat the same food, how is it possible that one member would suffer from iron deficiency, another from magnesium deficiency, the third from osteoporosis? Usually this is explained as follows: their nutrition is incomplete and the organization does not have access to the necessary elements. This would be true if every family member had the same deficiency. However, this is not the case because all members in the family have different physical, mental, and spiritual information disturbances which give rise to various types of deficiencies.

Each mineral element has its spiritual qualities stemming from nature. For example, iron is stern, hard, solid … When an individual with such characteristics experiences problems related to energies, emotions, thoughts, relationships, soul or spirit, he will certainly need the information of iron. It is likely that the disruption of listed properties caused the lack of iron in the body. Deficiency illnesses develop in a similar manner. Disorders of our invisible spiritual realm can now be revealed by the Matrix Drops Computer. Our mistuned fine etheric bodies may be reset by elemental information stored in Matrix Drops.

Internally, we refer to our Matrix Drops as a survival kit.
Taking our earlier example, when, from a quantum physical perspective, we examine the individual who has been iron deficient for years, we already know that since he has been taking iron supplements regularly yet his problem has not been resolved, the issue is not the lack of iron, but rather the ability to build-in, to absorb this element. For the other members of the family this absorption process is successful which is why they were not iron deficient. In the long term, the only way to absorb iron in the body is by the restoration of the mistuned information pattern of this element. The Matrix Drops are meant to support this objective. Based on experience, by addressing the spiritual causes of iron deficiency and with the adherence to the Matrix Drops Protocol, the problem can be overcome in a short time.

The same is the case with other missing elements such as magnesium, calcium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, trace elements and vitamins.

Based on the official position of science today, the creation of new elements, materials is possible at very high temperatures with nuclear fusion. In organisms, such as plants, animals and in humans, the potential for a cold fusion process can be observed at body temperature, however. When we communicate information patterns with the living organism, while maintaining adherence to the Matrix Drops Protocol, it is able to produce all the necessary elements for us.

Eskimos, for example, never consume vitamin-C yet in their bodies it is possible to detect vitamin-C which they are able to synthesize from seal-fat or other foods as well using cold fusion.

Scientist, Louis Kervran, examined how much calcium is detectable in the yolk and the white of the egg. Then he checked how much calcium a chick’s body, right after coming to light from the egg, contained. The calcium found in the chick was six times the amount of calcium in the yolk and white of the egg combined. How could extra calcium get in the body of a chick when the egg is a closed system? The only explanation to this is the capability of living organisms to perform cold fusion.

There was a study on the composition of plants. Grass was sowed in very poor quality soil. When examined later, the composition of the grass included materials that were not present in the soil, the air, the rain water or in the irrigation water.

All of these cases of synthesis and cold fusion are quantum physical phenomena, which can be controlled, operated by pure information. As we have collected thousands of information patterns during our research, we are able to direct a vast number of cold fusion processes used by living organisms.

In plant experiments, research institutes have shown the effect of Matrix Drops where fruit trees remained healthy even without the use of pesticides. The plantations have been avoided by pests, fungi and disease, as well as the yield had significantly increased in apple, grape and peach orchards. This can be explained by the fact that information was able to create the perfect biological balance.

For someone to admit that he is not experienced in the realm of information requires great humility just as getting to know this wonderful, new world does. Those who feel they already know everything about our world, it is highly likely they overlooked something.

Excerpt from Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well.

But think you, Helen,
If you should tender your supposed aid,
He would receive it? he and his physicians
Are of a mind; he, that they cannot help him,
They, that they cannot help: how shall they credit
A poor unlearned virgin, when the schools,
Embowell’d of their doctrine, have left off
The danger to itself?


But know I think and think I know most sure
My art is not past power nor you past cure.

/Helena goes to the King/

Methinks in thee some blessed spirit doth speak
His powerful sound within an organ weak:
And what impossibility would slay
In common sense, sense saves another way.
How insightful is Shakespeare here:
“when the schools,
Embowell’d of their doctrine, have left off
The danger to itself?”

The spiritual message is wonderful:
„My art is not past power nor you past cure.”

In the formation of new atoms, information plays a key role during fusion. The transformation of minerals usually happens above 1000 degrees Celsius in hot fusion, and, less frequently, transformation with cold fusion is also possible. In plants, animals and humans this process takes place at body temperature with cold fusion. During the photosynthesis in plants, mineral elements may turn into other elements. In humans and animals this special transition already occurs by enzymes.

In our lives, only such new learnings which we don’t skip over but examine closer will bring about change. From time to time, it is important to restructure, refresh our existing knowledge. Do not just stand in one place like a broken ancient artifact and don’t just repeat the same unchanged mantra over and over again for years. Our world has changed more in the last few years than in the last several thousand years. The once well informed, up-to-date individual now has to be up-to-the-minute. I am looking forward to seeing those who want to more easily navigate through this world in my awakening to self-consciousness school.

András Kovács- Magyar

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