Objective analysis of a person’s nature and behavior

Changes in the world and labor market are inspiring companies to adopt new approaches and innovative solutions. Corporate leaders must recognize and understand their employees’ human needs, because only in this way can commitment and productivity grow. Today’s employees expect that leaders focus not only on policy and systems but on their thoughts and feelings as well. The objective uncovering of emotional and relational needs presents a serious challenge. New leadership tools are needed which effectively support the stability of the organization.

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) helps to 

  • recognize the hidden causes behind the mental and behavioral problems
  • uncover personal blocks and obstacles
  • set up the focus points in the development process.

The MDC communicates with the person’s consciousness using information patterns. In this way the person’s intentions and thoughts are not able to influence the outcome of the analysis.

The MDC confronts a person with millions of information patterns regarding life situations, events, traumas, shocks, characteristics and behaviors. The device observes which information patterns provoke emotional reactions. These reactions show which life situations and characteristics are causing difficulty or are currently blocked. The MDC filters out the current most important of these and categorizes them as work-related, personal, relational, emotional, mental or health-related. The person is confronted with the authentic self and this recognition helps him in the development of consciousness and emotional intelligence, and to release false beliefs and support effective problem solving and handling of stress.  The analysis helps to build supportive relationships and create an emotionally and mentally motivating environment. 

“It provides an until now unimaginable overview of a person’s personality, behavior, mental state and current life situation.” 

“It uncovers blocks and obstacles present in a person’s life which are not allowing certain inherent and learned abilities to function.” 


  • Corporations – personal and organizational development, health-development
  • Professional sport – mental, psychological and physical resilience development
  • Armed services – mental, psychological and physical resilience development

The Matrix Drops Computer helps leaders and employees develop emotional and mental strength and live healthier and more productive lives. The device is a Hungarian invention based on 30 years of research and used in 16 countries.


1. Brilliant Resilience

Development of mental resilience

  • Recognition and treatment of personal stressors
  • Psychological tolerance development
  • Determination of psychological burdens and past traumas
  • Development of consciousness
  • Development of willingness to change, recognition of mental blocks
  • Development of cooperative skills, recognition of inhibitions

2. Brilliant Coaching & Mentoring

Personality analysis, development of self-awareness and cooperation skills, mapping of current life challenges and support in solving them, increased effectiveness and quality of life

3. Brilliant Selection

Support of selection processes with unique and objective information: consciousness level, constitution of the soul, motivations, personality traits, behavioral patterns, abilities and limitations, effectiveness and obstacles, false beliefs and current life challenges

4. Brilliant Executive Coaching

new generation of executive coaching

  • Development of intuition
  • Increased EQ
  • Development of consciousness
  • Recognition and correction of false beliefs
  • Recognition of current life challenges, support in solving them
  • Recognition of constitution of the soul
  • Strengthening of virtues, overcoming weaknesses
  • Mapping of burdens in different levels: energetic, emotional, mental
  • Support of leadership decision-making
  • Measurement and development of leadership skills
  • Measurement of internal obstacles and identification of exact causes
  • Burnout prevention, identification of causes

5. Brilliant Crisis Solutions

Mapping of background of cooperative and emotional problems of the individual and group and support in solving them

A new way of personality analysis

Imagine that there is a person standing in front of us and we need to guess how tall he is. We can’t use any measuring tools, only our own knowledge, experience and statistics, and information from the test subject.

Imagine that there is a person standing in front of us and we need to guess how tall he is. We can’t use any measuring tools, only our own knowledge, experience and statistics, and information from the test subject. We can take in to account the bodily proportions, we can compare the man to the objects around him, as well as asking the man himself. He has three options: he can give us the exact height or he can mislead us or possibly even he doesn’t know his own height. From this information we can assess his height.

With this method we can either find the exact measurement or a measurement that is close to or perhaps far from the truth. If however his height plays an important role in his profession, perhaps this isn’t the best way to establish his height. It is much easier and faster to learn his exact height if we are able to use an objective measuring tool.

The Brilliant – Matrix personality analysis – instead of tests and assessments and statistics – is the world’s first computer tool that recognizes and analyzes consciousness and behavioral patterns. So it can objectively and precisely uncover characteristics that up until now could only be approached subjectively and empirically.

  • consciousness level
  • constitution of the soul
  • behavioral patterns
  • abilities and inhibitions
  • motivations
  • effectiveness and obstacles
  • personality traits
  • false beliefs and current life challenges

The analysis is independent of the influence of the mind and will, so it is 100% free of distortions. It supports with unique information the selection processes, training and coaching, as well as the organizational development.

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