Csaba Vida

My name is Csaba Vida. I was born and raised in Hungary. Later, as an engineer, I chose the export and import business as my profession. Thanks to my job, I had the chance to visit several European countries as well as the USA. In my mid-thirties – due to my stressful life – I was already “gifted” with various health problems. During the search for solutions, I was acquainted with kinesiology, astrology, foot massage and chiropractic care, though none of these methods could deliver striking results in the overall state of my body and soul. After a lengthy search, I finally found a system which could provide efficient help with improving my health and my overall life quality. I met Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar who, at the time, was already a globally recognized and respected Hungarian alternative healer. With his methods he was healing not only Hungarian people, but numerous, renown international stars. I was convinced he has such knowledge that not many people possess. By applying his methods, he solved my 12-year-old problem.

We became good friends and after I had learnt about his quantum physical inventions, I took over the international sales of his products. In my opinion, you can only be credible in front of others if you try and actively use the products yourself. Right from the start, Matrix Drops have become an important part of my life and their use brought my life to a higher level that have been visible from the outside and which I have been sensing from the inside. Through the analyses completed by the computer I have been able to learn a great deal about myself and I have recognized my strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reasons for my fears, emotional problems and diseases. The Computer always displays my erroneous beliefs and true purpose in life. Thanks to the use of Matrix Drops, I was able to manage the problems of my life not only in my physical body, but also on the emotional, mental, relational and spiritual level. I again became a creative and productive person and I came to the realization that a dynamic person’s thoughts and feelings are also very valuable. They show their aspiration in creation, and consumption is only secondary for them. I’ve chosen the active side of self-realization, even if I have to work hard for it.

I live a very active life in which working and learning play the main part. The daily challenges and the aggressive goals I set for myself at various levels can easily exhaust my physical and mental energy. That’s the reason why I pay special attention to proper nutrition and fitness.  In addition, I do everything I can to keep my emotions and thoughts in check. For that I use the Matrix Drops Computer and with the recommended Matrix Drops Quintessences, I can keep my emotions, thoughts, relationships and soul in harmony.

Matrix Drops proved to be the key to a successful and happy life for me.

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