Danger of radioactive contamination because of the war in Ukraine

Many fear that one of the possible consequences of the war in Ukraine is the damage to a nuclear reactor that could radioactively contaminate large parts of Europe. Amnesty International, WHO and UNESCO warn that nuclear power plants and chemical plants in eastern Ukraine pose a potential threat as they could cause extremely high levels of pollution if attacked. “Such a disaster would ruin the region’s ecosystem for thousands of years.”

It is worrying news that several mines in Ukraine containing radioactive material, heavy metals – mercury, arsenic and lead – were damaged in the attacks. The mines were filled with water and contaminated water seeped into the ground. This means that the environmental pollution in the area is already considerable.

As a prevention, for the preparation of the immune system, or for the resolution of the information disturbance of a possible radioactive contamination, we recommend the new ones Matrix Drops, code numbers 578F and 578K.

Apply (both should be taken):

578F – 3-5x daily

578K – 4 days, evenings, then 2 weeks off, and again 4 evenings

The Matrix Drops Computer can measure the information disruption caused by radioactive exposure.

The following Matrix Drops are recommended to eliminate heavy metal pollution: Mercury: 756 sets // Arsenic: 759 sets // Lead: 757 sets


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