Deceptions of our time

1, At the level of the physical body:

a, Sugar consumption

Medicine has now recognized that, for example, CT (computer tomography) combined with PET (positron emission tomography), the most modern method of imaging the diagnosis of cancer, provides a radioactive sugar solution to the subject as a contrast agent. Sugar is the substance that is first absorbed by cancerous organs. Radioactive particles are needed for visibility. It’s worth thinking about why doctors don’t make patients aware that sugar has the property of confirming tumors.

b, soy and gluten

In medical laboratories, soybean and gluten are used as culture medium to grow the fungi that grow in the body. In this case, as with sugar, this knowledge is precisely known.

But a question arises:

If they know this so well why not inform the unsuspecting people not to consume gluten and soy. Because with that people only feed the parasites in themselves. By consuming gluten (found in some grains: wheat, rye, barley, oats), that is, bread, baked goods, pastries and soy, we secure the breeding ground for the fungi that weaken the body. The tumor cells cope with the energetically weakened body more easily or receive the start signal from the body: “Here you have an easy game”. We can also put it this way: Our low-energy state is favorable for the “alpha” state.

c, milk and albumen

In medical terms, they are the antigens of the human body. The function of milk in cattle and the function of protein (egg white) in poultry is to support the physical growth of offspring.

When an adult consumes milk and egg whites, a continuous growth program is initiated by the IGS hormone (insulin-like growth hormone). The hormone-sensitive organs – in women the breasts and uterus, in men the prostate – react quickly to this, which favors the tumor cells, which have the only program to grow and not differentiate. Very useful and important nutrients are: cream, butter, hard cheese and egg yolk, which are lactose and IGS hormone free.

d, Hormone and antibiotic treated meats

Poultry growing under natural conditions take 6-7 months, pigs more than a year before they can be slaughtered. Poultry treated with hormone-containing feed and antibiotics achieve this in 1.5-2 months, pigs are slaughtered in a much shorter time. They get a higher meat yield in a shorter time. The hormones come into our organism through the consumption of animal meat products and also stimulate our body to grow. But an adult person does not need anything more for the body to grow (the body just needs to be maintained). He needs differentiation, he was designed to increase his mental abilities. The growth hormones that get into our bodies with food try to spread their effects further. They disturb the body that strives for quality and they will find the most sensitive organs: breasts (breast cancer can develop), uterus (fibroids can develop), prostate (prostatic hypertrophy, enlargement can develop). Hormones stimulate the rapidly proliferating tumor cells to grow faster.

2. Levels of our energy body

The low-energy state, like that of the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi also formulated, stimulates the primitive tumor cells to proliferate. We lose the majority of our energy when we are above the earth rays. The aura of the human body is lowered to zero via the vortices of the earth rays. The low-power state is like if a key on a calculator were constantly pressed and constantly sending characters. In this case, the signs of continuous repetition are imparted to the primitive cells.

The following fact is worth considering: Before a system based on MRI (medical magnetic resonance) is installed, the earth radiation (underground water veins, Hartmann grid) are measured at the future location of the system. The system only works in a place without earth rays. The phenomenon of earth rays has been known for thousands of years.

Andras Kovács-Magyar wasthe first in the world to record radiesthetic observations in a revised plan (1988). His system contains the observations of which diseases were registered via which earth radiation. His publication also states that in the case of the tumor diseases, there were so-called energy vortices under the sleeping places of the people and also under the permanent places of residence of the people, in the crossing of underground water veins and Hartmann grids. In almost every case, these could be measured where the cancerous organ was located. The Matrix Drops Computer indicates the geopathic stress in the tested person.

3, levels of our feelings, thoughts, relationships, soul and spirit

These manifestations cannot be perceived by our physical feelings. With the use of the Matrix Drops computer, it has become possible to uncover these sounds, which we cannot see or hear, in an up-to-date manner. These emotional, mental vortices create their repetition periods on their own level.

Let’s think here of our acquaintances who for months or years have always had the same issue, the memory of an event, and are unable to solve it. You can get sick from a feeling, from a thought, from a contact, they can even manifest it in the body, they can even create and maintain an apathetic process. These psychic vortices work “as if the needle on a damaged record got stuck in the same groove and kept going around and around.”

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) displays the selected Matrix Drops which are capable of moving people out from the negative mental and emotional cycle. The Matrix Drops contain the clear information of the 108 elements and their combinations that make up our body (the elements recorded in Mendeleev’s periodic table).

The Matrix Drops proposed by MDC also strengthen the protective cover of the person, so the unfavorable environmental influences, etc. cannot prevail and also do not damage them. With Matrix Drops we can get a higher quality of life or get it back. Taking Matrix Drops is a lifestyle, a quality of life that shows us that we are demanding. The result is mental and spiritual harmony, health, which means: joy of life.

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