Demon of Shame

Demon of Shame

András Kovács-Magyar’s teaching

Shame is one of the most destructive, demonic forces in life. The feeling of shame always arises in us because of something that others have done to us.

Shame puts us in a certain unconscious state, and while shame limits our consciousness, we cannot awaken to spiritual self-awareness.

People don’t reveal what they feel shame about because they think it would bring them into an even more shameful situation in front of society. Because society does judge, it is, therefore, unable to liberate the individual. If we have a true partner, we can tell them even our darkest thoughts and feelings, and thus free ourselves from the burden of dark thoughts and feelings.

“The Dark Side has moved into the mind, and it is there from where it rules over people.”Rudolph Steiner

The demon of unconsciousness creates limitations on consciousness.

In a state of shock, the mind turns off, and what happens to us gets stored in the subconscious. Shame is also stored in the subconscious. When a shocking event gets into our subconscious, a delusion gets imprinted into our past, our life. 


can help to dissolve the information disturbance behind the feeling of shame.

Until we find out what the problem is, we cannot solve it.

Most of the time we don’t consciously remember the event, but the Matrix Drops Computer is able to reveal the information level imprints of past traumas and shocks, and it assigns those Matrix Drops information remedies that can help dissolve the negative information pattern in the subconscious.

  • Emotions are the primary motives of our behavior.
  • Feelings, in the form of emotional events, get coded in our memory. 
  • New experiences get mixed with the memories of our former situations.

When having no emotions, nothing is important in life anymore.

When we are thinking, making decisions, and committing ourselves to actions, it is essential for us that our emotions would be live and present. Through our emotions, anything can become significant. Our emotions liberate us from the captivity of our thoughts.

Without a healthy level of feeling shame, there is no moral behavior and no responsible form of behavior.

However, if we are not careful, shame can turn into a form of destructive identity. The feeling of shame affects how we experience our own existence, our morals, our honor, and most of all, our spiritual life. It is unbearable to live with a toxic level of shame because it comes with a constant feeling of being substandard. When having this feeling, people create an image of an untrue self that then smiles and pretends that everything is fine. This false self then takes over the psychological control; but at the same time, it is a soul-level suicide.

“Many people cannot imagine Evil, but it keeps us captive.”C.G. Jung

Accepting ourselves unconditionally is the most difficult thing for all of us.

The main cause of the struggle of the soul is that we hide and live in secrecy throughout our whole life. We are afraid of revealing our true selves. Most of us want to live up to expectations. Let’s have the goal of becoming our real selves, as much as possible.

The Matrix Drops Computer assists us in a unique way in finding out who we really are and becoming self-aware in spirit.

Every emotional state, trauma, personality disorder, or neurosis has its unique information pattern. In only a minute, the Matrix Drops Computer compares us with millions of behavioral patterns, emotion-, thought-, relationship-level imprints, and soul-level characteristics, and reveals our deeply-hidden memories and the pains caused by the darkness that grew inside of us.

We have our chance of liberating ourselves only on an individual level.

Evil hides itself into our thoughts and feelings so that the event of facing them would cause us great pain. But recognizing them will not cause pain and shame but will liberate us. Every one of us has the individual chance of self-liberation. The Matrix Drops information remedies help us to succeed.

Darkness enters us in every moment. Our task is to control it, and not to be ashamed of it.”András Kovács-Magyar

It is a conviction of many that they are inherently flawed, deficient, and substandard.

This is one of the reasons why people are brutal and full of prejudice and envy toward each other, and this is also the source of various destructive addictions. We need to know that there is only One to whom we are accountable for our actions: The Source, i.e., Our Spiritual Parents.

Darkness loves when we have secrets. Our secrets are the ones through which it can hold us captive.

Shame is the most severe demonic force that works among us. Every one of us needs to experience shame, but no one should stay in the state of shame. Because in the state of shame, people deny their real selves. 


can help dissolve the information disturbance behind the feeling of shame.


Guilt is a bit as it would be the voice of conscience. Guilt and shame are not the same. Guilt is the guardian of our conscience.


In case of depression, we keep our real selves rejected by ourselves. It is a self-induced illusion. In depression, we are the ones who reject our real selves because we keep looking at our shameful selves and not the real ones who are, in reality, one with God. Even God moves to hide when we are busy with our false selves, but will never leave us.

Physical abuse

Those, who abuse others, were probably exposed to abuse and insult themselves. This is why they do the same. Due to regular physical punishment a negative belief system forms. A feeling develops in the punished person, suggesting that there is no self-protecting action that would work and that they are defenseless.

Paranoid personality

This kind of personality is created by an individual when there is an inner self-tormenting shame working. Paranoid people are sure that they will be humiliated, betrayed, and discredited. They are always waiting for the worst to happen. While they are themselves who attract these situations. This is called repetition compulsion. They consider even the most innocent things as a threat. They cannot accept that also they can make mistakes or be wrong sometimes, they are not willing to admit any failure they make, and this is why they rather judge everyone around. They never ever admit their mistake. There is no human development without making mistakes sometimes!


Humility is one of the most misinterpreted concepts. Humility never means that someone is servile or accepting to be humiliated. It is impossible to reach God with no humility. The opposites of humility are egotism, a sense of superiority, arrogance, boasting, pridefulness, vanity, and self-conceit.

Humility alone is not enough, but it is absolutely essential if we want to approach God. This is the very first step in awakening our self-awareness.

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