Developing mental power with Matrix Drops

“The highest intelligence is the ability to grasp life spiritually.” – Plato

We live in a time of fear.

In addition to the pandemic situation, the war is also causing unrest and fear in our area. Not only the current situation and not only the manipulative media can be held responsible for the increase in fear, but also an invisible factor, the danger of which we would like to draw your attention to and how to solve it.

The entities, ghosts around us also suggest and reinforce fear.

Souls that do not go to the afterlife after the death of the body remain here in an intermediate space, in the so-called astral dimension, which is bound to the earth. More than 90% of the spirits trapped here are suicidal or traitors who should have gone to the underworld after their death, but they didn’t. They carry evil, self-destructive programs and radiate it to those around them as well. Its emotional and intellectual influence is extremely strong for those who do not know or simply deny this phenomenon, which has been known for thousands of years.

The experience value makes you think: entities are connected to 70-80% of people.

In this situation man cannot be himself, he sleeps restlessly because the spirits are influencing his dreams. There is often nervous tension in the family as the spirits create and amplify tension. Their influence alters a person’s individuality, making them unable to think clearly and often being overcome by fear. The fear of physical and mental problems always increases in such situations. Uncontrolled cell divisions, cancerous processes, worsening of diabetes, heart and kidney diseases, worsening of tinnitus, headaches, blood pressure problems or eczema. As long as entities affect patients, they don’t really respond to treatments.

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is the only measuring device in the world that authentically detects the presence of ghosts/entities around us. 

It also selects the Matrix Drops information pattern that we can use to keep spirits away from us so they cannot affect us.

In these turbulent times, it pays to pay attention to the entity reference in MDC measurements 

and taking the suggested Matrix drops once a week to eliminate the influence of psychic pressure and dark forces. This significantly alleviates the symptoms of the disease as well as our emotional, mental and relationship problems.

For those who feel that fear plays a significant role in their lives, we recommend continued intake of MD-15L, 17L, and 336F to effectively calm the soul and mind.

It is recommended for therapists with MDC to keep an entity set (32 total) and some of the 15L, 17L drops in the practice. Taking 15-20 drops always provides immediate relief.

As with ghosts, the sense of fear and chaos is heightened by the hexes and curses, which are actually evil influences created by black magic. Of theMDC recognizes hexes and curses in a way that is unique in the world and recommends special Matrix Drops to significantly reduce the effects by 80-90%.

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