Earth radiation – underground water veins and Hartmann zone

The following information is of observations and not scientific facts.

Through measurement of the auras of more than ten thousand persons, we observed that the vast majority of the chronic diseases are from a strange, unseen, background phenomenon. It can occur that people’s bed at night or their seats in their workplaces are “in the wrong place”, above earth radiation.

The earth has a negative radiation which is harmful to the health and is called geopathical radiation.

Positioning of Hartmann zones
Positioning of the Hartmann zones

Hartmann zones repeat every two meters, in north-south and east-west directions. Their widths are thirty centimeters.

We have observed that if someone, at nights or for an extended period of time during the day is around, lies or stays above this radiation, after a while inflammations may occur in the organism from this stimulus zone which goes through his body.

Concentration of Hartmann zones at the chest
Concentration of Hartmann zones at the chest

We have observed, if someone’s body is above a concentration of Hartmann zones, after a while, up to 4-5 years, heart attack (infarctus myocardii) can occur.

Concentration of Hartmann zones at the head
Concentration of Hartmann zones at the head

It is an observation that the bed of epileptic children is usually in such a place where there is concentration of Hartmann zones under the head. We have found that staying in the Hartmann zones can cause and maintain inflammation and chronic inflammation.

There is a stronger zone, apart from the Hartmann ones, which is underground water vein radiation from deep within the earth.

Water-vein stream under the earth
Water-vein stream under the earth

The width of the water stream can be 60-80 centimeters or even up to two meters. The water streams can be 5-10-30 or up to 80 meters deep under the ground.  

Concetration of Hartmann zones at the lower abdominal area
Concentration of Hartmann zones at the lower abdominal area

Old observations point out that if we are lying above a concentration of Hartmann zones which crosses the lower abdominal, uterine – ovarian – prostate – colon cancer can occur.

Our observation is that cancer patients are often located above a concentration point of an underwater stream and Hartmann zone. We have made a map system which was publicized after the measurement of more than 300 thousand people’s auras. It shows more than thirty situations, where geopathical radiations are behind diseases.

Undreground water radiation
Underground water radiation which crosses the body in a perpendicular fashion

Our experience shows that leukemia – Parkinson’s disease – multiple sclerosis – stomach bleeding – blood vessel narrowing (arteriosclerosis) – PCP – inflammation of joints (arthritis).Inflammation is characterized by Hartmann zones; whilst serious, longstanding, chronic illnesses result from those who lie above underground water radiation.

The junction of the underwater streamlets at the head
The junction of the underwater streamlets at the head

Hungary is classified in first place in the statistics for committing suicide. Measurements taken for more than 60 people who had committed suicide have revealed that there were always junctions of underwater streamlets at the suicidal people’s beds, below the head. These very serious energy problems start with depression, continue with pressing psychological stress and can lead to suicide.

Bed place free of ground radiation
Bed place free of ground radiation

Our observation is that if the patients put their beds into a “good place” which means a neutral, underwater stream and Earth radiation-free zone, the further development of the diseases can be stopped. Often, after some weeks, they can begin to heal by themselves.

Such extraordinary results may happen if we change our previous lifestyle, when deaf ears hear again, spectacled people’s eyes improve 1-2-3 diopters, when the thyroid hyperactivity is resolved, when 10-20 year old skin diseases – eczema – psoriasis disappear within a few weeks.

These concepts must be introduced to the people because, as long as there is no concept, they have no idea about these things!

Radiesthesis – detection of radiation
Geopathical radiations

“There is nothing mysterious unless you do not show it.
Nothing is hidden unless it remains concealed.”

Have you ever felt that strange, mysterious and incomparable feeling when you enter a medieval building such as a church? Probably yes. But do you know what the rational explanation for this feeling is?

Well, it could be easy to answer the question to the people of the Middle Ages, it seems incredible to explain it to the people of our age. Radiesthesis– detection of radiation, has almost disappeared today from architecture. Today the location for several generations is chosen randomly, forgetting those results which were used by medieval colleagues.

Many of our several hundred years old churches were built up following the guidelines of radiesthesis by the magi of that time. They found those positive Earth radiations from which beneficial effects can be felt even today.

By ignoring the positive Earth radiation – the skeptics might say – at best, that these places have lost their magic. But by not taking notice of harmful, negative radiation, however, (as thousands of registered cases prove) our health and lives and those of loved ones can be at risk.

What is this phenomenon, really, which can erupt from the depths with healing energy, or damaging effects on life?

The geopathical radiation is one of the aspects of the huge mass of energy inside the earth forming a grid of squares which lie upon the surface of the Earth. Today, the world knows this radiation from the first person who publicized it, as Hartmann zone. We observed that if the Hartmann zone crosses the body for a long time, for years, such as passing through the bed, inflammations, allergies and other diseases may shortly appear at the meeting point. Many of them, of course, can be healed by medical treatment.

Our experience shows that if the cause is not recognized, sooner or later the complaint re-occurs again, the disease becomes chronic. The other group of negative radiations, which is also not to be neglected, are the radiations emitted by underwater streams. We have monitored that the detrimental health effect can be more serious than that of the Hartmann zones. The establishment of disease depends largely on where these rays reach, where they cross our body.

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