Practical methodology of Alchemy 12/6. – Every “Substantia” is a divine miracle

András Kovács-Magyar talks about all inorganic materials: phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium…, all materials are made by plants. Because only a living being with creative abilities is capable of this. Chemistry cannot create elements. It is using them, but cannot create sulfur from phosphorus. But a plant can. A living being can. Animals also can create from some kinds of elements completely different kinds, and humans also can do this. The world is being really deceived by those saying that you have to supplement this… and that…, because you are missing those elements. And then they give these to you… But it is not how nature works. Nature can create anything from anything if you have coherence, i.e., order around you. Because man is not a machine, not a chemical machine, and not a physics machine. Man is a divine being, just as the grass, and the egg of a bird… they are “being-kind” miracles that can create anything from anything when there is order around. Every “Substantia” is a divine miracle.

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