Fear of Tests, Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety

Do you panic when taking a test?

Are you anxious and afraid of failure?

Cannot rest and sleep before taking tests?

Anxiety and stage fright prevent clear thinking and negatively affect our ability to recall previously acquired knowledge.

4+1 recommendations from Matrix Drops so that you can help to dissolve the information disturbance behind the fear of failure and lack of achievement.

Fear of Tests

1. Fear of Tests – 352F

2. Nervous Tension – 351F

3. Insomnia – 407F

4. Anxiety, Fear – 404F

+1 The Tesla coil integrated into the Matrix Drops Computer enables the impregnation of the space around, by which living beings receive positive, supportive information in the room, within approx. a diameter of 6 meters. Available information patterns to apply, e.g.: relieve stress, relieve fears, support learning, help meditation and sleep, enhance and develop awareness.

Important Information


Matrix Drops information remedies are 100% pure water, do not contain additives or preservatives, nor vibrations, only high-level information patterns extracted from natural substances (minerals, gemstones, plants). There is no risk of overdose.


Do not dilute Matrix Drops, apply 3-6 times a day, approx. 20 drops (1 mL) directly from the bottle into the mouth. Please do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before and after taking Matrix Drops information remedies.


Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops products do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. The statements and videos on this website have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization. The recommendations and methods presented are for information only. They are real-life reports of individuals. They are not statements of healing and do not promise a cure or medical treatment.

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