Giving birth easily – instead of caesarean section thanks to the miracle of Matrix Drops

Giving birth easily

I’m going to share my personal experience with you. I was a 43-year-old pregnant woman who already had two older children, and I was preparing for the birth of my third child. The gynecologist reassured me with the word “C-section”. At that time, I already knew about Matrix Drops products recommended for female reproductive information disturbances.

From the recommended products I chose MD 927F for dilation-related information disturbances, as well as MD 928F for placenta detachment. When I went into labor, my water broke, and it was a normal start to the arrival of a child. I started taking the Matrix Drops I had with me. In under an hour I had given natural birth to my baby. He was a healthy boy, and the placenta detached in one piece. With my first two pregnancies I had had problems with the placenta. I rarely hear about such quick and easy births from other women. Now we know a solution to help ourselves.

As a result of so many positive experiences, my partner and I decided to buy a Matrix Drops Computer for our family. The computer has revealed many seemingly unsolvable problems in the lives of the people around us, and we have started to spread MDC analysis to our circle of friends and people outside the family. We have experienced huge successes week by week with the use of the computer and MD products.

Enikő Corbeanu, Nagykároly (owner of a Matrix Drops Computer) Email:

Disclaimer: This testimony and the products mentioned in it are not claiming to be a cure for any medical problem. The testimony is only an account of one individual’s experience. Every case has a different outcome.


These testimonials are for informational purposes only and are based on personal reports. They cannot be interpreted as statements of healing. No promises of healing are made or treated in medical terms. The Matrix Drops do not replace a doctor or naturopath. The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device, but a quantum physics device that compares and analyzes information patterns. Classical medicine has so far neither accepted nor recognized the observations presented by the Matrix Drops Computer. The Matrix Drops quintessences are not medicines, but products to support the development of consciousness. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on knowledge and experience with the Matrix Drops protocol itself.

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