How are inorganic elements formed?

In a living plant new elements are being continuously created. Let us observe a sprouting seed. It came to life after being watered. If we examine the substances that the sprout contains, we can conclude that as it grows, more and more new substances appear in it. Those are substances which are not found in the earth, in the water or in the air around it. Those have been produced by the plant. In fact the minerals found on earth have been formed by plants. The Creator`s essence exists in everything that is alive, therefore plants are able to form new substances, elements.

If plants get magnesium, they will have more calcium in them. Humans function in a similar way. Chemists can’t make calcium from magnesium. If calcium is added to a plant’s nutrient solution, phosphorus will increase in the plant. A plant, an animal, a human being, as a living spirit, is able to transform one substance, element into another. All it needs is coherence and order.

In agriculture, chaos arose with the introduction of chemical fertilizers. One might ask why did this happen? When scientists examined the substances present in the plants, they thought that the minerals are being absorbed from the soil via the roots of the plants. Scientists thought that inserting chemicals into the soil was necessary.

No one thought about the fact that for 28 thousand years there has been no need to supplement the soil with chemicals. Now it appears that chaos has gained ground.

If there is chaos, then people can’t see the great deception: the living things are not just a collection of atoms, living things are alive because there is living spirit, God`s force in them, life is God himself.

Science will never admit this, because it was created precisely for the purpose of denying God. Moreover, this is the purpose for which they created chaos, to hide this fact from us. Nevertheless the fog is slowly lifting and more and more people will realise it.

Divine substances come to life in the living. However, lifeless substances cannot be metabolized by a living organism. Fluoride, calcium, and magnesium cannot be absorbed by the body.

Anyone who acknowledges the existence of a higher world order is being moved in his very essence, in his heart and soul, by this knowledge.

The elements studied and handled by chemistry are just waste matters, dead things that have been created by living organisms. From these elements, other living organisms can produce different elements.

There are more and more problems in the world, because people are only concerned with the material, inessential part of things. They have taken away the spirituality, the essence, and living beings are treated as bare materials.

Magic and alchemy are spirit-driven arts. Chemistry and physics are mind-oriented sciences. One cannot compare and draw parallels between these two. The former invokes the power of God, the latter the program of the mind.

Quote from the teachings of Kovács-Magyar András


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