The important features of excellent employees according to 500 top managers

“What kind of characteristics make someone an excellent employee? A study of 500 top managers revealed the following: when speaking in terms of professional success, the most important personality attribute is emotional intelligence. Surprisingly, the study also showed that qualifications and professional experience do not carry much importance when compared to the personality of the employee.

Seventy-eight percent of the managers surveyed responded that personality characteristics are the deciding factor in employee excellence. Fifty-three percent valued the ability to assimilate into company culture, and professional abilities reached a humble thirty-nine percent. These results again point to the conclusion that developed emotional intelligence is paramount to professional skills. The abilities and qualities that fall into the category of emotional intelligence can be developed, and it is the responsibility of leaders and managers to support their employees in this development.” (Source: )

Consciousness-driven HR Support and Organizational Development

Using the Brilliant-Matrix, our employees have gained emotional and spiritual strength, it’s easier for them to change behavior and negative habits. They are more successful when completing their tasks and they are healthier.” (Roberto Pace – )

Challenges in the current labor market clearly indicate that it is no longer enough to analyze and develop only employee competencies as well as mental and communication abilities. Around the world a stronger emphasis is being put on so-called “soft-skills”, such as commitment, loyalty and emotional intelligence. At more and more companies the subjective person is coming into the foreground, together with its unique and complex emotional world, relational sensitivities, and behavioral and psychological attitudes. Nowadays organizational stability is unimaginable without the objective analysis and development of employees’ human abilities – emotional, psychological, relational, and consciousness.

The Brilliant-Matrix offers a new and unique type of HR support and organizational development different from all other known methods. It analyses and treats organizational problems on an individual level. It objectively uncovers the emotions and intentions that lie behind a person’s behavior and decisions. It shows false beliefs and/or life situations which hinder the completion of plans and tasks. In a cost-effective way the Brilliant-Matrix analyses the background of employee problems – behavioral, emotional, relational, mental and psychological blocks – while paying particular attention to uncovering and reducing health risks.

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