Incarnated heavenly inspirations – a talk with András Kovács-Magyar

During a Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) consultation, we are surrounded by gems and crystals.

Before we would disclose what this invention is all about, let us familiarize ourselves with the concepts of information, morphogenetic field, and information spaces for easier understanding. But do not be worry, it is not as complicated as it seems. Especially when András Kovács-Magyar spices his explanation with many anecdotes.

The information reveals new dimensions. I have always been a contemplative man, and tried to find the causal factors behind things, because, lacking them, we often paid a high price.

While I travelled around the world, in search for ancient cultures, I gained knowledge which, after summing up, made me the owner of an individual and specific perspective.

As a result, I managed to solve many issues others could not solve before. The problems of hundreds of patients suffering from spinal hernia and of thousands of people struggling with chronic conditions were solved after I started to see the connections. I realized that the earth radiation greatly destroys our invisible fine bodies. We are filled with energy in vain if we lose it at night. This discovery was the key.

If people sleep at places where there is no earth radiation, and they have access to the clean information of Nature, their equilibrium is restored. That is why I strive to teach as many people as possible how to make earth radiation measurements. I my school, this is the curriculum of the first day.

The MDC invention was designed to reveal the information disorders of people and will hopefully be found in every household soon.

We may receive external information through different media – TV, radio, phone. However, this revolutionary new device provides information about our interior: our soul, thoughts, delusions, tasks in life, spiritual injuries in childhood, virtues and weaknesses.

There is something only a few people are aware of, because it only affects few of us: any shadow personalities or entities that may be attached to us – spirits which obsess us. Those affected by the latter problem may often feel that they are not themselves, but obey the will of someone else unwillingly.

It was a huge step when researchers were able to leave the material world and step into the world of vibrations. Their most prominent representatives are the quantum physicists. However, in our case, we are talking about a new dimension: the information.

Many people have experienced that they are able to feel if something bad happens to a beloved member of their family even thousands of kilometers away.

Travelling further from a radio transmitter tower, after a certain distance it is no longer possible to receive the transmission, because the energy decreases by the square of the distance. Going back to the previous example, we do not experience such a physical limit in the spreading of information. My new perspective helped me to realize that it is a phenomenon not even quantum physicists are talking about.

The behavioural rules of the information differ from that of the material or energy. I like talking about it, because I consider it as essential knowledge. Obviously, we cannot measure unknown things, and therefore we cannot handle them.

It was then that I began to explore the nature of the information.

The information is an essential miracle which has created all things and all living beings that exist. The information determines what kind of materials and living beings were created or were born. Finally, the human beings were created through the highest linkage of information.

To understand the MDC computer, it is important to know about the morphogenetic fields and information spaces.

Many people are familiar with the – 100 monkey – experiment proving the existence of the morphogenetic field. The main point in short: the monkeys living on an island began washing the potatoes that they had pulled from the sand before they ate them. After a while, the monkeys on the neighbouring island started to do the same thing before they ate the potatoes. There could not be any direct communication; still the monkeys copied this behavioural pattern from each other. A good example that the morphogenetic field connects different species.

The question is how all this can be measured and showed electronically? After many years of research work and experiments, we managed to measure this invisible world with a computer. This is part of our MDC invention.

– How could you do this?

Through developing a technical device I have dreamed of for 25 years. It is, in a sense, similar to the magic mirror that never lies in the fairy tale ‘Snow White’.

I knew from the start that, from technical point of view, all this can only be created with a highly advanced bio sensor, which was not known before. We were the first in the world to market such a computer.

– Women – men – spirits – thinking. When the ideas come, do you have a “divine spark”, or do you work rationally, with a male brain?

Many people claim that, in many cases, the female brain and the male brain work differently. In my experience: there are emotional gentlemen and emotional ladies and there are people without strong emotions. I cannot distinguish between male and female sensibility. Although deep in my soul I treasure women more than men. A lady may feel the same way when she finds a real gentleman. Even a woman can become masculine, like a soldier, but true happiness may elude her in this role. A real woman is the representative of gentleness, beauty, and exceptional compassion. A real woman is able to make a man’s heart and soul fine and soft. I very much appreciate these wonderful qualities. With the fineness received from my wife, I try to teach people to find and recognize themselves more easily. MDC is a great help for all of us to achieve this goal.

Your other question addressed the inspirations. I feel the presence of the helping spirits around me for 25 years. It would be impossible to cure deaf people and seemingly incurable cases without their help. One cannot do such things alone, no matter how much one believes in oneself, or what knowledge they have. I developed a closer connection with the spirit world 9 years ago. Following their suggestions, I found extraordinary things, data, and methods. Until I have experienced the blessing I feel when I am guided by high-level spirits, I had a difficulty in imagining the cases in the autobiographical books of other scientists and inventors. Of course, now I know that it matters who our spiritual helpers are, because even the dark side has its suggestions. One may talk to the spirits of the dead who are around us. One may talk with the astral spirits, or even with scientists who are the residents of mental worlds, and with the ones at the highest intuitive level. These include the great spirits who are remembered as saints or great teachers in the world.

The spirits are trying to whisper to everyone, but people do not always hear their words. I regularly ask them before my decisions and I ask for their approval, their blessing. In my life, this humble attitude always proved to be efficient.

– But let us return to the biosensor.

If someone goes to a psychoanalyst, they will get, in many cases, subjective answers to their questions. If someone is looking for a solution for a spiritual pain, the MDC always shows the underlying psychological reasons and attitudes of the problems objectively, like a mirror in front of a person. The MDC asks our inner self, which is invisible to the eye, millions of questions within a minute, and after evaluating the responses, reveals them to us. Everyone faces their own soul, and communicates with their own invisible self. Many people say things like that: “Well, yes, that was 30 years ago, but I hid it and I do not remember what I hid and suddenly here it is”. This device is not only able to measure the people’s vibrations and thoughts. If someone thinks of their mother or child, the MDC records their virtues and weaknesses precisely, while they may be thousands of kilometers away from the measuring device.

Matrix Drops Computer (MDC)

There have been and there are still people who are able to go beyond the limits of space and time, they have the so-called sixth sense. (ESP = Extrasensory Perception) Using the advanced technology and our Matrix Drops software, we managed to touch this high level of consciousness, and in a sense we even exceed it.

– Does the Matrix Drops Computer make subjective things objective?

Mendeleev’s periodic system

Yes, it does. It is well known that everything in the world is built up from elements. Everyone remembers the Mendeleev’s periodic system with its 108 elements from their studies. The elements, however, do not only have physical properties. The mental properties of the information, which have created the elements initially, can be detected. If this information is damaged, distorted or incomplete, spiritual, intellectual and emotional problems may arise in the living beings build up from such elements. Whether a plant, an animal, or even a human being.

There is usually a delusion behind the problems of people, which we are able to reveal using the Matrix Drops computer. With this insight and the strengthening Matrix Drops products, we can get rid of the burdens of our soul and their consequences, the physical projections, easily. This phenomenon is known as the concept of psychosomatics.

The delusions should be imagined as a vortex in the middle of a river which rotates in one place, and the person cannot leave the vortex, but gets stuck at a particular level. It would be ideal to leave our vortices and swim away with the flow. The person suffering from a delusion revolves around a single idea; however, an objectively chosen Matrix Drops may help them leave the vortex.

The Matrix Drops products are actually “bottled” pieces of information, which are teleported into the preparation using our invention, so neither material nor energy binds them to the material world. With this dimensional step, we are able to make human feelings, thoughts, soul and spirit sound.

The biosensor examination method and the Matrix Drops are used by hundreds of quality consultation centres, individuals and families that achieve amazing results through spiritual and intellectual renewal. Our goal is to achieve that this wonderful “spiritual mirror”, the MDC, is found in more and more homes, just like personal computers or mobile phones. Our Matrix Drops centres are available to all those who are ready for a change and find our supporting system helpful.

– We live in the age of change. This is a great possibility, a new direction in the advanced world. This may be a major step for many of us. In fact, more and more people need and are open to new ideas, and they are looking for new ways of spiritual and intellectual renewal. The MDC is an objective guidance in this subjective path finding.

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