Irritable bowel syndrome

“For more than 25 years I fought against irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and its symptoms. It was for a long time that I felt a constant pain in the abdomen and suffered from constant cramps, morbidity, experienced fatigue throughout that period. Over the years I had some serious depression and joint problems. Medical tests and endoscopic cells and tissues studies confirmed the existence of my illness. I got a serious liver inflammation due to the excess amount of drug use. I was told that according to current medical science no treatment for this disease was found yet and I had to live with it. My mother heard about the treatments of András Kovács – Magyar. I visited his Clinical Center and after a week and a half I started to experience intensive improvements of my health. Afterwards, I decided to cut out all the drugs I was taking previously. A year and a half passed by. My joint problems, symptoms of depression and my abdominal pain were long gone. Thank God! The first step was to move my bed out of any Geopathic Stress Zone radiation and take  Matrix Drops 539 (potency F) and 326 (potency F), and receive spinal treatments as well as bio-energetic treatments at the Clinical Center. Their latest computer based body analysis showed that I have reached a 4-year cellular rejuvenation. Stress is significant in this disease and received help on this also from specialists. I would like to thank Andras Kovacs – Magyar and all his crew! “

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These testimonials are for informational purposes only and are based on personal reports. They cannot be interpreted as statements of healing. No promises of healing are made or treated in medical terms. The Matrix Drops do not replace a doctor or naturopath. The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device, but a quantum physics device that compares and analyzes information patterns. Classical medicine has so far neither accepted nor recognized the observations presented by the Matrix Drops Computer. The Matrix Drops quintessences are not medicines, but products to support the development of consciousness. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on knowledge and experience with the Matrix Drops protocol itself.

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