LMHI 2014 – Paris

The 2014 LMHI World Homeopathy Congress was held in Paris between the 16th and 19th of July with the participation of more than 900 homoeopathic doctors from 45 countries. Matrix Drops was represented jointly by five colleagues, who are well-versed in quantum physics. This Hungarian invention was introduced to hundreds of visitors over four days at the Brilliant Water exhibition stand.

Our general experience was that homoeopathic doctors are people with refined senses. Most of them tested the effects of Matrix Drops Quintessences recommended by the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) on themselves using methods of kinesiology or tensors while holding the Matrix Drops bottles in their hands.   The testers’ reports confirmed that when they held the product in their hands, they felt their aura becoming lighter and also expanding and becoming stronger. Some of them experienced the uplifting effect of Matrix Drops on their souls, feelings and thoughts as an explosion of light. Many felt that the reactions of their physical body became stronger, which is the basic principle of testing using kinesiology. This is referred to as ‘feedback’ in the terminology of electronics.

Having understood the functions of Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), the doctors, researchers and professors realized that this device perfectly represents what they know. Numerous observations were reported that make their work much easier:

  • MDC saves the healer time by eliminating lengthy analyses and conversations. Several of them told that patients often make false statements, which can be fully avoided by the application of MDC, since this device cannot be deceived.
  • The determination of physical issues is the most difficult task in homeopathy. MDC is also capable of this.
  • The healer can support his/her own opinion using the MDC in an objective manner, since technology is objective, while human opinion is believed to be subjective.
  • The computer receives and evaluates 8 million data points of the examined person in one minute. This is a performance that is unattainable even for a highly qualified doctor or physician. The MDC does not disregard anything.
  • The analyses of the MDC confirm the decisions and ideas of the healer and make his/her work easier and more successful. The recognition and the results always strengthen the healer and the person to be healed.

The opinion of Dr Walter, physician:

  • This device can be compared to X-ray equipment, which is capable of objectively showing the damages and alterations occurring in the body. The observations of the Matrix Drops Computer are similarly objective on the spiritual, emotional and mental level. It is spectacular how the MDC can specify the current task that a person should carry out in his/her life.
  • I have no knowledge of anything like this, which could show the heavy metal loads with this precision. I pay great respect to the inventor for the Matrix Drops Quintessences and for the method of forcing heavy metals to discharge from the body.

We highly appreciate the interest and recognition of all fantastic doctors, researchers and practitioners of homoeopathy visiting our stands, and we thank them for trying, testing and applying our products in their praxis and their everyday life.  This significantly contributes to the understanding, propagation and promotion of the Matrix Drops invention.

Best Regards,
Csaba Vida


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