Our consciousness surpasses everything we can imagine. The being inside of us is one and the same with that which pervades all atoms of the cosmos. There exists a net encompassing it all through which everything is connected with each other in the Universe. It is called the matrix. With our consciousness, with our soul, we are part of infinite consciousness, the Universe. As we learn to ’see’ with our feelings and to perceive with the help of the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), we can see this relationship ever more clearly.

The big secret of quantum mechanics is that by asking questions, our intuitive pathways open up. And with our answers, probability functions collapse.

Humankind searches for the truth in his mind. The truth is concealed in consciousness, however. When we get to know our own soul, we get to know the truth. The truth is the clearest link to our true self, our individuality. Reality existing within us is the source of our credibility. At this level, we are able to overcome our doubts and fears. Our minds through our five sensory organs have limited insight into our circumstances, but our consciousness evaluates every situation from a higher vantage point. We are able to extend our perception beyond the five senses.

The mind may lock us into stories, imagination, misconceptions, in other words, traps, all of which were constructed by ourselves.

Consciousness evaluates from a higher perspective and its unparalleled power manifests in countless ways, such as intuition, intent, gratitude, forgiveness, flexibility, premonition, anticipation. Through our mind we can ask ourselves: what do we want from life? However, our consciousness answers a more important question: what life wants from us. What supreme consciousness, eternity wants to express through us.

The MDC, as a multisensor receptor, maps and expresses the multidimensional nature of our soul. It forms a bridge between our subjective inner and objective external worlds.

The injuries our souls have suffered will sooner or later trigger the search for the lost parts of our souls. Through our heart field, the MDC is able to map our emotional and mental injuries by asking our consciousness. Because our spirit and self-consciousness are intact, from a higher dimension, injuries can be repaired. Most of our soul is with us, while some parts are guarded by the Creator. More precisely, He conceals the essences of our soul in creation and in creatures. During my course we get to know secret codes used to create so we may tune into the lost parts of our soul. Disappeared happiness, vitality, childlike wonder, cheerfulness, passion may return… These codes are revealed in the MDC assessment. With Matrix Drops (MD) we can remind ourselves to the points of alignment inherent in the sanctuary of the elements of Nature. The pure creator information and essences are unperturbed from earthly setbacks.

The MDC asks and the soul responds. MD is the carrier of creator information.
The soul always offers new opportunities. We may see the relationship between past and future. We learn that positive emotions have much greater effect than positive thoughts! Negative emotions, however, seriously undermine our health. The electromagnetic field surrounding the heart is multifold stronger than the brain field.

With the MDC, the secrets of our identity are revealed to us. We have to follow a difficult path from the head to the heart to find the destiny awaiting to be fulfilled by us.

What a relief it is when it becomes clear what causes the suffering. At the course we learn to recognize the root cause of our problems. And that is a half win in itself! I will show you the secrets behind mysterious and long-lasting illnesses. MDC was born to aid us, so we may access the enormous information repository of self healing. We get a gift of how to protect ourselves! The Matrix Drops Computer provides a technological background for a new kind of freedom, the ability to rid ourselves from spiritual and mental burdens. We are in the midst of a great transformation as human consciousness is awakening from a deep slumber.

The vision suggested by our self-consciousness aims at a more natural, more realistic life, fun-filled relationships with friends and family. We can take advantage of our abilities and find satisfaction in our work. When our actions are rooted in inspiration, we will add to the world. After that, we do not have to look for money as it will be looking for us.

The MDC helps us accomplish what we were born for. Our special program is appealing to sensible people. Those promoting the understanding of it by this world are contributing to a great cause. I offer you a common goal that brings together people, groups, and kindred spirits. Our mental, spiritual ascension begins. Within the program, true friendships are born, which are heartfelt and intimate. Those commited to the cause are bound by the all pervasive matrix.

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