The Matrix of the Pandemic Survival Kit I.

The purpose of my new series of articles is: 
To provide a comforting solution to overcome the fears and insecurities surrounding Covid.

Hieronymus Bosch (1452-1516)  Hugo Gerhard Simberg (1873-1917)
        Hieronymus Bosch (1452-1516)                        Hugo Gerhard Simberg (1873-1917)

For the sake of transparency and understanding, we were looking for a “beyond the nine point” (thinking outside the box) solution with my fellow researchers.

Forces that are called demonic have always been present on Earth, but perhaps it has never happened before that they have managed to influence the human mind and the physical existence of humans in such a great extent. The plans of the dark cannot be understood or restrained by the means of scientific theories or rational thinking.

Many introduce themself as being a prophet, about which I and others have serious concerns. Lots of people fantasize, but those who owe their invention and discovery to real messages from the spiritual world, also have tangible physical evidence. Countless Nobel Prize-winning scientists mention this in their memoirs. A true spiritual man, who mediates the messages of the Universe, does not build on imagination, but firmly stands on the ground with two feet.

The findings prompted our research team to create a technology that includes computer analysis. By detecting our body fields, we can gain possession of information hidden by the mind. Indeed, it is often difficult to confess to ourselves, or to a mediator — a family member, a friend, a psychologist, a priest — or to someone else working with another kind of method for personality analysis, that what kinds of fear, shame, or humiliation is being deeply hidden in our soul…

Part of the method is soul analysis, so reaching a higher level of consciousness is inevitable. At such times, we find some who are already backing down because they have reservations about spirituality and religions. Let me reassure everyone, religions were not created by God, they were created by people while keeping their specific interests in mind. This is how countless religions came into existance. What our faith reveals is that how we see the world from our own spiritual perspective, and this can work with or without religion.

Our personality is only a tiny part of our true individuality. With our Matrix Drops Computer we can look into our invisible regions.

Múltunkban elnyomott lelki terheink, jelenünk, valamint a jövőképünk tárulhat elénk.

THEY ARE OUR SUPPRESSED PAST BURDENS OF THE SOUL, OUR CURRENT STATE, AND THE PERSPECTIVE ON OUR FUTURE THAT CAN BE REVEALED FOR US. Behind the visible reality of the path taking us through our human life, there are invisible soul and spirit level forces at work.

It is us who decide what we make realized from the millions of opportunities that life has to offer. In this sense, we are creators. In the language of quantum physics, this is RANDOM PROBABILITY.

Our dreams are close bonds between our soul and mind. Those who do not consider their dreams as being important, may lose those information that are coming through intuition. EVERY MOMENT OF OUR EXISTENCE IS UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE. We cannot step into the same footprint twice in our lives.

Rational thinking is based on experiments with same results. 

VISIONS ABOUT THE FUTURE that are reaching us like flashes, come from the IRRATIONAL WORLD, just like dreams do. With a rational approach, “chance” is valued as unpredictable and an undesirable distraction. In contrary, RANDOM PROBABILITY IS THE MOST COMMON PHENOMENON IN OUR DAILY LIVES. Children are mostly raised for rationality, so it is often difficult for them to stand their ground later, because life does not work in a mechanical way. 

Álmok - Covid túlélőkészlet Matrixa

In our dreams, there is a continuous communication between our consciousness and our mind in a symbolic language, that appears in images. Messages from our consciousness are integrated into our lives by our dreams. We can connect with our spiritual world by the Matrix Drops Computer’s (MDC) unique capacity of recognizing information patterns at the quantum level. This opportunity is a unique source for us to learn about ourselves; such a source that is avoiding all delusions and imaginations.The famous inscription in the sanctuary of Delphi says: “KNOW YOURSELF!

In fact, this is the sense of all oracles. Those who are able to perceive the messages coming from their consciousness and let them guide them, walk their own way according to their unique individuality and succeed in finding themselves. Those who avoid the self-learning methods, make the ideas, suggestions and “isms” of others come true in their lives. One of the main messages of materialism and rationalism is predictability and repeatability. And this is valid for individuals who do what their isms suggest.

Matrix Drops Computer - Kovács-Magyar András

The Matrix Drops information patterns serve as bridges to understand the messages of our soul and spirit. Those who are able to set aside their bodily rationalism so that they could understand their soul, may find the vision of the future revealed to them.

András Kovács-Magyar

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