The Matrix of the Pandemic Survival Kit II.

For a broader understanding, we continue our series of articles by answering the most common questions coming from our readers.

Can I also ask questions related to the soul and mental levels?

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) does not give yes or no answers. Anyone who is looking for this kind of service should rather just flip a coin. The answer the client will receive to a question will outline for the individual the possible consequences of not changing the current situations. However, it will not make any responsible decisions, in place of the questioner.

What is it that is driving our improvement?

We have to address honest questions to ourselves. It is the functioning in continuous defense mode that is depriving many of acting on this. Those not asking questions are making a mistake! At the quantum level, the answer is also right there at the moment of a question. It is we who decide with our questions what should take shape in our life from the range of current events surrounding us. When we feel that something is wrong, let’s take the courage and ask the question: is it me or rather my environment, that is causing the problem? Forget the “what if…” questions because they don’t offer any solution. When we change our attitude to life according to the suggestions of the MDC, according to quantum theory, new probabilities will open up for us. 

Covid túlélőkészlet Matrixa II.

Can I find out the exact timing of an expected event from the MDC?

Our consciousness and mind are relating to space and time in another way. The mind is mediating by using words, the consciousness is by using images. Consciousness can speak about the future, even through our dreams. The MDC connects to the visual language of consciousness like an alphabet book. The mind perceives time in quantity, however, time also has a quality aspect. Such quality is for example “the right moment”. Time drags by at a forced pace, but it is flying fast during the hours we spend in love. There is a huge difference between  an awkward or an intimate silence happening between two people. A video captures image and sound, while our soul stores the feelings associated with those events also. The one who does not close the time-gate of the past behind oneself can easily get stuck in there, keeping oneself away from the present and the future.

How to interpret the messages of the MDC?

Each time we ask our consciousness, it may refer to our present situation by applying different combinations, which way it is illuminating different aspects of the same issue. The interpretation of the displayed MDC results depends on the mental horizon of the scanned individual. Just like in different areas of life, with a narrow-minded worldview, messages can only be interpreted within the given limits.

Do I have to concentrate during the scan?

 Kovács-Magyar András - Matrix Drops Computer

It is not necessary. The MDC is bypassing the mind and, by becoming connected to the consciousness directly, asks millions of questions in half a minute. The consciousness, working in a feedback way, answers the questions right away.

To what extent can I rely on the result I got?

Like on the suggestions of a Wise Spirit. The MDC does not instruct, but deciphers; it understands and mediates the messages of our souls. It helps us to understand the context of the past, the present, or the future.

What is the recommendation, how often should I have a scan?

Every two weeks, every month … it makes no sense to scan ourselves more often. Focus on the suggestions, that you get from the MDC, between two scans, so that you would make the results happen either. This is a unique opportunity for the purpose of getting to know and develop our individuality and nature.

Can a distant person or even another kind of living being be scanned?

Yes. What is the ethical way of handling this, however, is asking permission from the subject to be scanned. Let’s not interfere with the private sphere of others without their permission.

It is important to me to know if I have heavy metal overload or virus activity in my body. Is this possible at all to find this out?

Thanks to the significant research results, we are not only being capable of measuring these by now but also propose a solution to these problems according to your request. In addition to all this, please don’t get surprised, if emptying fungi or bacteria would turn up as a more current issue, given the present circumstances. All these will be reflected in the scan results shown in percentage.

Matrix Drops - Covid túlélőkészlet II.

What will be revealed regarding my future prospects? 

All recommended Matrix Drops patterns have positive and negative aspects. Primarily, it informs about the possibilities and opportunities, and strengthens and encourages regarding these, and secondly warns about risks and dangers. It will show if our prospects are good or rather bad, as long as we do not change our current situation.

Sometimes we easily ignore more conceptual remarks (like staying over harmful earth radiations, or remarks about entities, curses…) which have a serious impact on our feelings and emotions also.

What do you mean by the Matrix Drops (MD) quintessence?

They are such creative information patterns that stimulate our subtle (energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul, spirit) and physical bodies that envelop us. In the chaos, they illuminate like lanterns, they help us in becoming enlightened.

Can I own a Matrix Drops Computer also?

Yes, it is possible. In case you feel a burning desire to drink from such kind of spiritual source, which you have to taste only once, and you will never be thirsty again. The device is user-friendly. You can learn how it works and how to interpret the results you get, in the course of a day. This is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to discover their individuality and support it as much as possible.

No one can know us better than ourselves!

András Kovács-Magyar

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