The Matrix of the Pandemic Survival Kit IV.

Vaccination and / or protection?

Resolving information disruptions triggered by covid vaccination

A fellow dentist came in for a Matrix Drops Computer scan. She developed unpleasant symptoms after the covid vaccine. She wanted to know what information disturbances were behind it and whether they could be terminated with Matrix Drops.

Resolving information disruptions triggered by covid vaccination
Matrix Drops Computer - Az első komputeres mérés

During the first computer scan (measurement) – on March 26th, 2021 – the evaluation sheet showed 99% information disturbance:

The scan result indicated the disturbance in the section IV (environmental triggers).

Matrix Drops Computer - a MD 650K Coronaviridae 99%-ban jelezte.

As the results shows the biggest disturbance was marked and labeled as “Coronaviridae” and was present 99%.

Matrix Drops Computer - Az információzavar a 650F Matrix Drops alkalmazása során 83%-ra csökkent.

After one month, April 26th, 2021, the information disturbance treated with MD 650 Drops went down to 83%.

Matrix Drops Computer - Két hónap után az információzavar tovább csökkent 59%-ra.

After two months the information disturbance went down to 59% continuing the MD 650 Drops.

Matrix Drops Computer - Két és fél hónap elteltével az információzavar mindössze 26%-os.

After two and a half months, the information disturbance is only 26%.
Three months later, after the MD 650 Matrix Drops protocol, the information disturbance completely disappeared and her condition improved.

Matrix Drops Computer owners often detect (with MDC scan) problems in hundreds of parts of the world. The computer uses the MD 650 information pattern to identify the information disturbance in vaccinated and MD 692 in those who have caught the virus in other ways.

Several measurements indicated the same information disturbance, problem area that the medical community noticed too.

“Vaccinated mean danger for the unvaccinated.”
“This phenomenon has only recently been discussed. Over time, the various consequences of using new experimental vaccines appear to be becoming increasingly apparent. But that’s not what the various panic spreaders on duty who have nothing to do with medicine on the internet talk about it. Doctors themselves warn against this and call for urgent and thorough research. This phenomenon is reported by thousands of unvaccinated people who report to their doctors for health problems that they have experienced after being around vaccinated for a long time. It affects women in particular and their hormonal and reproductive systems.”

However, in the HVG magazine we can read the following:
“Delusions that any unvaccinated can show symptoms around the vaccinated are common news and spreading across the globe.”

“Increasingly, social media encounters the theory that the presence of one vaccinated person can disrupt the menstrual cycle of an unvaccinated person, and even cause miscarriages.” – draws attention to The New York Times.

These two opposing perspectives are essential for us to be fully informed!

Furthermore, MDC continuously detects the MD 773 information disturbance, in those whose family member(s) or colleague(s) are involved in the vaccination process (got the covid vaccine), as mRNA information disturbance may also occur on top of the vaccine injuries.

Matrix Drops Computer - A mérés időpontjában az mRNS információzavar százalékos értéke 80% volt.

On March 26th, 2021, the mRNA information disturbance reached 80%.

Matrix Drops Computer - Egy hónappal az MD 773 alkalmazását követően mRNS információzavar 43%-ot mutatott.

On April 26th, 2021, one month into taking the MD 773 RNA complex (information pattern), the disturbance went down to 43%.

Matrix Drops Computer - Az információzavar már csak mindössze 10%.

On June 3rd, 2021, the information disturbance was only 10%.

With the help of the MD 773 complex (information pattern), within 3 to 5 months the mRNA information disturbance got terminated, cleansed out.


According to the MDC scan and results, post covid vaccine injury presence can trigger DNA information disturbance.

March 6th, 2021.

Matrix Drops Computer - Két hónappal az MD 774 információs minták szedését követően jelentős javulás látható a százalékos értékekben.

On May 2nd, 2021, two months after taking the MD 774 complex (information pattern) we can visualize a significant positive change in the percentage chart.

A Matrix Drops információs minták esélyt adnak arra, hogy a hosszantartó gondjaink mielőbb feloldódjanak.

Matrix Drops information patterns give us a chance to recover from our long lasting problems and complaints.

MD Information (pattern) is embodied by the spiritual reality.

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