The Matrix of the Pandemic Survival Kit V.

Meeting God – my own life story

Divine encounters cannot be ordered, desired, or forcibly demanded.
May the Creator’s gift be an uplifting feeling for us!

Let the recognition shine upon our old, lost visions. Thanks to our harmony from within, we are in balance, and the new perspective presents us with certainty and peace. We notice and appreciate things that were previously considered ordinary.

At first, it might be fearful to be in God’s arms.

Until I was 26, the controller of my life was my shadow personality, my dominant, rational mind and the thoughts that came from it. Then, suffering from a cancerous disease, hitting rock bottom, I reinterpreted my thought patterns. With God’s help, I was able to defeat my old dominant, mind-controlled self. I recognized the hidden miracle of wholeness, providence, and handed over leadership to my individuality.

Covid túlélőkészlet Matrixa V.

Everything else I humbly trusted in the spirituality and teachings of our Lord Jesus. He leads my renewed life and I am constantly yearning for a living relationship with Him. As things settled in me, everything around me improved, settled. “Much more have the grace of God and the free gift by the” -said Jesus. /Romans 5:15-21/

The following teachings of Jesus can help self-realization:
“You shall love your neighbor as tenth-yourself.” (old translation) / Matthew 22:34-40/
“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (in new translation) / Matthew 22:34-40/
To understand the teaching, explain your words: the terms tenth-yourself and your neighbor.

Interpretation of our “neighbor”:

The neighbor who dwells within us is our shadow personality. A personality driven by our mind and thoughts. I note, without our individuality, our personality (occupation, positions in life…) would not exist. Everyone needs to clarify to themselves: Who are we or exactly what are we? Some people find it easier to believe in themselves what they are (engineer, lawyer, hairdresser, mason…) than who they are (divine, spiritual individuality).

Who are we really?

Individuals, shadow personalities (neighbors), or both?

Árnyékszemélyiség   - egyéniség (Gergics Tibor felvételei)
Shadow Personality – Individuality (images by Tibor Gergics)

I am also the shadow personality: personality, neighbor, living in my own mind, knower of professions, representative of professions, practitioner, the shadowy side of my being, malicious, uneducated, ungodly… man.

There is more than that, and that is also me: individuality, myself, a person living with heart and soul, spirituality, blessed with conscience and faith, divinity.

Since we are both our personalities and individualities, we must decide which of ourselves to grant the controlling role, the greater power.

In my experience, our personality is an excellent servant but a terrible lord.

“If you want to test a person’s character, give him/her power.” – (Abraham Lincoln)

A király milyen jó vezér a sakkban

Think about what a good leader the king is in chess, but what would happen during the game if the peasant imagined himself to be king? Our individuality is an excellent controlling monarch, but if our personality forces it aside, it becomes a silent servant.

When our Lord Jesus wanted to make something very clear and understandable to his disciples, he spoke to his audience in pictures and parables in the language of the soul and dreams.

Quote from the Gospel:
A scribe also listened to the debate. When he saw how aptly it suited them, he asked him:
“Which is the first of the commands?”
Jesus answered:
“The Lord our God is the only Lord.”
“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”
“The second says:
Love your neighbor as yourself!
There is no greater order than this.” (Matthew 22: 29–31)

A kis Hornyák Richárd
(The little Richard Hornak)

 “The smallest is the greatest.” – The words of Jesus.
Children still know what adults need to realize – sometimes through self-destructive actions. No one can hate a part of one-self, nor one’s neighbor, but with one’s spiritual power anyone can take action against the self-destructive personality. Love should come from the heart, it should even be strict, but it is by no means should be monkey love in nature.

Proverbs are the keys to deciphering our soul messages. Unexplained spiritual messages can be expressed in disease. Understand our spiritual messages as soon as possible: through dream interpretation, tarot, graphology, psychoanalysis, or even MDC…. Get rid of information disturbances within us or coming from our environment, don’t let problems transcode our human organism. As a reward for our courage, we will have to deal with fewer and fewer diseases if we halt their development on time. It is necessary to know our innermost laws so that we do not continually poison ourselves with the self-destructive arsenic of bitterness.

A VIII. the Council of Constantinople (870) deleted from the Bible the concept of spirit, thereby also shaking the spiritual affiliation of men. The concept of the soul remained, however, which is not the same as the spirit. Our window to our souls opens through our dreams. It is well known that those who take medication, hypnotics or mood enhancers have no dreams. They lose contact with themselves and only their body consciousness remains. The Church simultaneously drove the spirit out of the Bible and thus out of human consciousness. The body remained as matter.

A Nasa psychologist was asked: Do ghosts exist?
Answer: It is not a question of whether, but how long, this fact can still be hidden from people.

Why? Maybe because it would rock the materialist conception and religions at its roots.
“Thine iniquity shall chastise thee, and thy transgression shall offend thee.” It is a mistake to part from your spirit and soul, and it is also a punishment for yourself.

Amennyiben Istent tesszük első helyre az életünk során, minden más a helyére kerül.

It is not the object of the visible images that is important, but the spiritual reality by which they were embodied. If we put God first in our lives, everything else will fall into place.

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