The Matrix of the Pandemic Survival Kit VI.

Power of healers

Quote from the writer Gyula Krúdy (1878-1933): 

“…But there are countless diseases that, according to public belief, are curable only by the Shamans. Only the Shamans and the Ointment Makers guarded the lives of the people then; no one gave in earlier than ninety or a hundred years, according to the headstones in the cemeteries. The Shaman has cured all diseases that no others could… The sapients and cynics can say whatever they want: anyone who has a degree can be a doctor, but so that someone could be an active shaman (to be able to make a living from his mastery), that shaman must be able to heal also. Not even a fool would turn to someone who did not make a name for himself through his miracles in healing.

Matrix of the Covid survival kit

Why did the sick go to see a Shaman, even from the third county?

The ones who had to stay in bed or lie on a straw bag when being sick, but recover when following the suggestions of the Shaman, vividly proclaiming that there is a superior power to the scientific medicine: the faith people have in the Shaman, and the natural cure, the secret of which these Shamans know from somewhere.

The pharmacy of these people is The Great Nature. Their lore is based on experiencesdating back to many past generations: when people were still happy and healthy. Their mastery is as mysterious as the art of the Brahmins and Fakirs, on which European science looks like a scrabble to this very day. They healed everything. Sometimes the Shaman was locked up in prison by the county chief physician; then he restored the health of the prisoners. Although I say thanks to the good medic gentlemen who kept me alive several times, still: if I were an old, rich man, for my late days I would keep an all-knowing Shaman at my house next to my good cook and Ointment Maker…”

In the culture of indigenous American Indians (according to Patricia Garfield writer)

They had a growing suspicion about having a charlatan when there was an unsuccessful Shaman. In the case of Foresighters, if one had not dreamed a dream with the expected level of details, he was still in a more safe position than if he had been revealed to be a charlatan. This means that he could even report unreal dreams to the community.

Matrix of the Covid survival kit

My remarks:
The “do no harm” rule in our days is a requirement for legal practice and health authorities also. 

The farther a society drifts from the truththe more it will hate those who say it out loud.” – George Orwell (Free translation from Hungarian version.)

The NASA psychologist was asked: Are there entities? The answer was: The question is not if they exist or not, but that how long can this be hidden from the people?

Most people are unaware of the dramatic but at the same time liberating spiritual truths. Why is it necessary to silence, discredit or alter them?

I think there is only one explanation: Along with religions, it would shake also the materialist conception at their very roots. Since most of the people lacking a conscious way of living have no formed opinion of the invisible world we live in, they are looking at life only through their senses.

The lore of the spiritual world is about the existing reality, the purpose of which is not to put people in a sleeping mode, but on the contrary: to awaken them!

The 8th Council of Constantinople (870) deleted the concept of spirit from the Bible, and by this, also shook the spiritual identity of people. From the 18th century onwards, by advocating a scientific conception, they wanted to establish the religion of intellect. When we profess the foundations of natural sciences according to the rules of logic, and we are being present exclusively in the multicultural physical world of our time, we may get trapped because the correlations between our soul and spirit being remain hidden from us.

It is a sad fact in our world today: in terms of medical practicefailure does not matter in many cases – which was considered charlatanism among the indigenous American Indians mentioned above.

Matthew, the disciple of Our Lord Jesus, said: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” (Bible, Matthew 7:15, NIV)

Matrix of the Covid survival kit

Many of the healers do their work by lacking a spiritual perspective.
Our ancestors, as the aforementioned Gyula Krúdy writes: “…to see the Shaman, people were willing to walk even from the third county.” (Free translation.) They were driven by what they heard and then experienced the results of these healer men.

What was the great secret of the healers? The power they received from the ones in heaven.

Matrix of the Covid survival kit

Although they teach several useful methods in various kinds of medical training, it is my sad experience that there is no emphasis on broadening the spiritual perspective of healers.

A true healer is endowed with a special power by the Creator, which he receives as a gift. It cannot be asked for, it can only be received; this is a power strengthening him during his work and life. I invite to a special, uplifting journey those who – as doctors, naturopaths, or even fortune tellers – would like to become the graced and mediators of the spiritual forces.

Faith does not mean being religious, but a reality deriving from higher regions. By calming our personality, our individuality may earn the blessing of the higher spiritual regions, as a gift of which we can become the healers of soul and spirit.

Matrix of the Covid survival kit

The one who considers the matter to be primary is unaware of the immense power and significance of consciousness. Without spiritual impulses, there is no inner motivation!

The glory of the Creator is manifested in what we can do and create through Him. The one who confesses all this will humble himself and through this will be exalted.

András Kovács-Magyar

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