The Matrix Drops are like a modern GPS

Even Hippocrates wrote:

“If you are unwilling to change your life, one cannot help you.”

Many people prefer a standstill; therefore, their ideas and opinions are anchored in their conscience.

This law of thought dominates their behavior, and may hinder the creative flow of their consciousness. Eddies prevent them from seeing their own opportunities and the way out of their hopeless situation.

The matrix’s role is to help remove the narrow-spirited and tense person from a deadlock, from their present confirmed attitude. The system of beliefs is often a traumatic program which necessarily needs to be dissolved. The Matrix Drops harmonize the opportunities of humans with their hidden internal desires.

Only those things can be evoked from people that are actually, even if hidden, in them. With the help of the Matrix Drops we can get rid of our internal conflicts and sufferings. There is a solution which can be used for all people across the globe, a solution everyone understands and can experience. I do not speak of things people can be persuaded of, but things they can make certain of themselves. A simple thing that anyone can understand and experience.

Ildikó Kovács – Magyar and András Kovács – Magyar

I have chosen Matrix Drops analogies which have an influence on everyone. Each of us is built from the same elements, and the possession of their characteristics makes our life happy and complete. If such elemental characteristics are set free, they generate emotional stresses in us.

Though the elemental characteristics are the same in all human beings, each individual may need a different matrix due to the combinations of the emotions. It is a recreation for our organism and person when it can meet the perfect expressions, the vibrations and energy fields of elemental reality. There is attraction between the persons creating similar vibrations; it is the law of sympathy. Similar vibrations tune quickly to each other. It is necessary to remind the organism of positive information for a longer time, because discouraging feelings, thoughts, connections, situations and the geopathic vibrations of bad places that affect us from the environment have a negative effect on humans. Negative things and force fields also fight for our emotions and thoughts. And depends only on us, whether we will be the winners or the losers of a fight. I wish to help many people become winners by forwarding the elemental and beneficial radiations to them.

We should probably consider Béla Hamvas’ thoughts: ‘The person is the stage where good and bad things are fighting’. (Antologia humana).

 “Saints that restrain dark forces”

The soul is soiled by our own conscience

People are often indifferent to one another; no matter how close they are physically to each other, because they do not resonate at the same level. The big secret of a victory without fight is to avoid any resonance with the opponent. This is a philosophy in the fights of Eastern cultures. Today’s people are unable to accept strange things, because they are unable to resonate with them! The connections, situations, dogmas and doctrines forced onto us cause repressions in us, and, as a result, they cause psychological problems and, as their projections, somatic, i.e. physical troubles.

When another frequency is affected by the basic frequency, which is the integral multiple or the half of the basic frequency, or even the quarter of the first one, resonance is generated. Moreover, resonance is generated when one vibrational frequency is the multiple of the other one.

Harmony can be achieved in two ways: with the theory of opposites (cantaria), i.e. with opposite and suppressing vibrations and with the theory of similarity (similar), i.e. with information that creates similar state.

The times when we only believed what we saw are long gone. We are more and more aware of the importance of soul in these days. We do not see the endless field of our emotions and thoughts; still, they control and determine the majority of our life. Who else could give back the strength of our soul and body than ourselves, by changing our emotions and thoughts and helping our soul’s cleansing.

The soul’s contamination originates from our own conscience. The cleansing of our conscience leads to the health of the body. The dogmas of some religions may lead to spiritual darkness, while the correct guidelines of others to spiritual cleanness. If we belong to a religious community, it may replace the individual standards. A religion or ideology may dominate people and hinder their independence in decision-making. The Matrix Drops help the individual get out of the trap of collective being.

Quantum physics proves to scientists that the universe operates under idealistic principles, in other words, it is influenced by senses. Science and mystery are approaching each other nowadays. Under extreme circumstances the energy becomes bulk or substance; one quality turns into another quality.

The substance is compact information. According to the revolutionary discovery of physicians, human thoughts and observations affect the material reality that surrounds us. There were high hopes that the discoveries of quantum physics and the theory of relativity would cause a great shock in the world. According to Niels Bohr Nobel laureate physician, it had not happened, because people did not want to understand what it was all about.

The impulses of Matrix Drops are driving forces which do not hide in material substances. Modern pharmacology, which works with active ingredients and phytotherapy, which also produces its effect on a material level, are two different things. Psychology is again different; it differentiates human behavior and the various temperaments, such as sanguinic, melancholic, phlegmatic and choleric.

Our spirituality can be effusive or receptive, attractive, or perhaps repulsive, and human nature may have thousand other faces, too.

Homeopathy starts studying the humans from another aspect; it uses material-level substances at the beginning. This science classifies personality types under the principles of Hahnemann that establishes the characteristic features typical of the various temperaments. Homeopathy made us understand the hindrances hidden in ourselves under the principle of similarity, which was considered a landmark step in those days. Since a new direction can only be taken from this point. The scientific knowledge of our age helped us recognize that, with guided information, an individual can be made to bring about changes at all the seven levels of their existence.

Our spiritual characteristics pervade our connections, thoughts, and feelings continuously and affect our energies, so certainly they affect the systems of our physical body, as well as our expressions.

Therefore I have chosen the Matrix Drops model with the analogy of the 108 elemental characteristics, because I deem that it is a much more complex system than the above-detailed ones. It is a system of prevention where I have elaborated the harmonization of vibrations. It is a completely harmless system; it is available to and perceptible by anyone. And its base stores the loaded information stably. The information contains the 108 basic vibrations, their octaves, and their variations.

The lower octaves control our physical state. The higher octaves affect the soul and the emotions. They are able to cause changes in the environment, or even in our relationships.

Matrix Drops, with the words of Carl Gustav Jung, are able to produce effects on the collective subconscious. It finds the roots and the time where the distortion has happened and tries to correct the program from there.

The Matrix Drops are like a modern GPS

They help us get out of fate’s emotional labyrinth. The substance, before it takes shape, is just information with an idea typical only of it. This idea creates, establishes and manifests this information in our physical world. There is a special spiritual and emotional state, spirituality and a thought typical of each element, which creates this element. So its concrete individuum is created.  However, in addition to the concrete, material part, they preserve their wave-like nature and produce effects through it.

We choose elemental information that represents fate, similar to the human individual’s fate, to regain balance. The “untuned” persons wait for the information what help them solve the crises situations, problems, and mental disorders in their lives. As good is absolute, but evil is relative, I focus on the individual’s problem and, using the Matrix Drops, I help to cause changes in the life of the individual with such higher octave information. It can only have a positively effect on the person and everything happens with this person’s consent and control all along. Based on the information received, everyone decides on their own whether they keep on postponing, or take action.

Matrix Drops are not able to replace any emotion or passion, but it can help the user change the things they are longing for in the bottom of their soul. This quintessence gives fate a stimulus, because full life does not exist without happiness!

When the blocks are set free in the person, the person is filled with life, and the change is started, because their thoughts and feelings are rearranged, and their emotions are revaluated. Each emotion comes from life; unfelt things are dead. Each person is able to feel happiness and pain. We need to return to the roots of the problem in time, recognize it and move on in a different path. The input information is able to induce the events of fate; it strengthens our consciousness. If the internal state of consciousness changes, the events, happening inside and around the person, also change. Good decisions can only be made, if we have the proper information. Everyone needs to change their attitude towards life to finally change deep inside.

Each piece of elemental information has a guiding line, a central topic and a thought. In Matrix Drops such elemental information is stored in a controlled manner. Therefore it is able to communicate and exchange views in the various dimensions of existence. The elements are able to mediate their own characteristic features, so they can help those people who have a problem of similar essence/ charge. They are forming forces, which operate through the ethereal body.

The pieces of personal information, the Matrix Drops Individuals are able to smooth and harmonize the past traumatic events that prevent the soul from developing. The information creates a connection, independent from space and time.

The thought form is an energy form which has an energy charge and is able to become a force that shapes the reality. The things we imagine in our mind become our world. We are explorers who are making their way into an unmapped jungle.

My experiments have proven that the things you feel possible from the bottom of your heart, can be realized through your will. The Matrix Drops help you to identify and put aside the unwanted things, so there will be a capacity to receive new things. According to quantum physics, it is a vacuum, a strong suction force which attracts new things.

The information that enlightens you may show you the false beliefs behind the events and the hindrances of your life. It may cause a change of fortune, if we connect the individual with high-level, immaterial information.

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