Matrix Drops in Brazil

The first step of the distribution of Matrix Drops in South America is the launch in Brazil. The Brilliant Water team made several presentations on January 19-25 in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro about the Matrix Drops Computer, as well as Matrix Drops and Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics.

Participating doctors, therapists, university teachers and scientists welcomed András Kovács-Magyar’s invention with sincere admiration and interest as a new milestone in quantum physics, and even more, as a representative of the knowledge of a transcendental science.

Due to the excellent organizational work of the Brazilian representatives, brother and sister Roseli and Reinaldo, the presentations were extraordinary. Some universities are also looking at Matrix Drops Computer as a research topic, which opens a new way to map the consciousness, mind and body functioning.

We wish the distributors a great success and we are very grateful to the inventor for the many extraordinary experiences that the introductions of Matrix Drops have afforded us all over the world.

Csaba Vida

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