Matrix Drops Computer Get Connected To Your Divine Consciousness And Rely On Your Awaken Discernment

Around the world, people face challenges they are unprepared for and cannot react to with anything but fear. Matrix Drops Computer supports the work of therapists and mental health experts in a singular way. By activating self-awareness, seemingly incurable diseases can be solved both on physical and mental levels.

Thirty years of experience and more than 500,000 scans prove that psychosomatic and autoimmune diseases are mainly caused by harmful environmental effects and a lack of self-awareness. Based on objective measurements, we find that the inner chaotic condition leading to illness, with almost no exception, is created by:

  • geopathic stress – biological stress caused by underground water streams and Hartmann-zones that trigger degenerative processes
  • load of heavy metals or radiations – these harmful environmental effects block the functioning of the immune system and may even cause mental disorders
  • influence of entities, ghosts, hexes – these phenomena trigger fear, addiction, and other behavior or personality disorders.

Matrix Drops Computer – beyond the limits of body and mind

More than 80% of illnesses are of psychosomatic origin. It was believed through ages that the key to cure diseases is in the soul. While in fact, the soul is just an interpreter between the spirit and the body. Mental problems are always of spiritual origin – there is a confused or completely missing self-awareness.

In the group of living beings it is only man who has a unique, exceptionally high form of manifestation: spiritual self-awareness. Since no one can be misled or deceived when self-aware, great efforts have been made over the past millenia to obscure our consciousness. Religions eliminated the concept of spirit and kept speaking about the soul only, while materialistic science only examines bodily processes and tries to suppress the aspect of the soul, thus for many, only body-consciousness and the easily manipulated mind remain.

Medical science analyzes the body, psychology the soul. The Hungarian-developed Matrix Drops Computer scans both body and soul while communicating with the highest realm existing: the spiritual level of consciousness. Having this connection, we can acquire a complete, undistorted knowledge of soul and body.

Physical and mental problems appear first as information disturbances. Matrix Drops Computer detects on information level causes that can culminate in future physical problems before symptoms would appear.

  • Detects information disorders behind chronic and autoimmune diseases (eg Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, cancer, circulatory, digestive, and skin problems)
  • Highlights the causes of our fears, stress, mental and spiritual problems, furthermore the short- and long-term consequences of mental injuries and traumas
  • Projects probable consequences of viral, bacterial, fungal infections, heavy metal load, exposure to radiation, as well as a damaged RNA or DNA, on physical and mental level
  • Reveals when someone refuses to take responsibility, or cannot make distinction between real and imagined things
  • Unveils the current challenge we have to overcome in life, and the positive and negative aspects of our soul

How it works:

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is not a medical device but quantum physical equipment that communicates with the human spirit and consciousness through information patterns. It asks 8 million questions about body, soul, emotions, thoughts, and relationships in a minute. Based on the answers received from the pure source of consciousness, it explores the root causes of the problems and points the way to a solution. 

By using MDC, the obscured spirit can be awakened. A person awakened to spiritual self-awareness can redefine derailed life processes through conscious decisions, so physical problems can also be cured more easily.

The Matrix Drops Quintessences recommended by MDC are effectively helping in change and healing. The MDC selects the most appropriate information drops for each person from more than 3,000 different Matrix Drops remedies. Matrix Drops remedies are of pure water that, through a quantum procedure, is impregnated with creative information that triggers a multi-level regeneration process in body, soul, and spirit.

“The aura surrounding a person, in other words, the subtle bodies, contain all the data and information characteristic of the individual. If there is a disturbance in any of it, it affects aspects of our existence. We have found analogies with which we can read in our subtle bodies. The most subtle layer of the aura is our spirit body, followed by our subtle bodies of soul, relationship, thought, emotion, energy, and finally, our physical body. We can see how they interact and any related problems that finally get projected into the body. Our spirit body has the greatest power. If this gets disturbed, chaos develops in the control of the other bodies. Therefore, our awakening to spiritual self-awareness is key to our existence.” – András Kovács-Magyar – inventor of Matrix Drops.

Further functionalities of the Matrix Drops Computer:

Remote scan:

MDC can telepathically detect a person up to thousands of miles away with the assistance of a therapist. Regardless of distance, different pieces of information indicating physical-soul-spiritual problems arrive through the field of consciousness and get displayed on the screen of the MDC. This unique, non-physical option of identifying issues is of paramount importance today. To scan remotely with MDC is easy for anyone to learn.

Animal diagnostics:

Both pets and farm animals can be easily and quickly analyzed with MDC remote sensing, giving us a complete picture of the physical, energetic, emotional, relationship, and soul problems of our animals.

Space impregnation:

Through the Tesla spiral integrated into the device, space impregnation is possible, with which, approx. in a space of 6 meters in diameter, the living beings receive positive, supportive information. E.g., relief of stress or fears, support in learning, help in meditation and sleep, and awareness development.

Unique aspects:


The MDC bypasses the mind and communicates directly with the spirit so it cannot be misled or deceived – the pieces of information coming from the level of consciousness are valid and correct. The MDC shows us the present, the unfinished processes of the past, and the probabilities of the future.

Free will

Free will and personal responsibility are extremely important elements of the Matrix Drops system. The MDC sheds light on faulty life processes, but the decision and change must be made by the individual.

Protection of personal data

All MDC scans are offline and cannot be accessed by any third party. No personal data is required for the analysis, so the results remain anonymous to outsiders.

So far, only a few selected mediums have had access to the intuitive field of consciousness. With the help of the Matrix Drops Computer, this opportunity has opened up to everyone. Anyone awakened to self-awareness clearly sees deceptions and manipulations in all areas of life (e.g., nutrition, medicine, religion, education, etc).

Bringing to life spiritual self-awareness again has become essential to our survival. Using the Matrix Drops Computer and following the Matrix Drops Protocol leads to a new quality of life and a fearless, conscious lifestyle – during which the joys and successes given by the advanced intuition and creative dreams become part of our everyday.

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