The Matrix Drops Computer is our inner world’s mirror

“If you are not willing to make changes in your life, you cannot be helped.”


Kovács – Magyar András

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) is our inner world’s mirror. Reveals our essence as human beings, our strengths, weaknesses, delusions, our mission and destiny in life. In the scientific world there are no facts nor consensus without measurements. The MDC brings to surface spiritual messages of our soul and deep consciousness, and informs us of the results in written format. The opportunity of one’s own self introspection is more than the traditional research method. The art of self-discovery. Previously, we have gained insight into the world with computerized devices, however did not give us guidance of our soul.

Extraordinary traits are revealed, that are not obvious, as they have stayed hidden so far in front of the observer. Our computer became able to exceed the materialistic paradigms. Thus, the multi-dimensional information is no longer limited to the material world. MDC make this happen, by analogy, which compares our behavioral manifestations and life forms with molecules, atoms and elementary particles of the living matter’s behavior. Quantum physics has made it all possible throughout its developmental stage. The exploration of feelings and thoughts, moreover their influence on the physical body, are core parts of the Matrix Drops (MD) invention. The scientific world, has tried to approach it through psychosomatic recognitions so far.

When ‘somatize’ in the science of psychology, we really are replaying over again a physical symptom originating from an old psychological harm. In case of the rejection of recognition of the solving formula, the individual can relieve the experience, trauma over and over again leading to a physical and psychological consequence. The self-destructive process repeats itself as long as we cannot resolve, correct or fix the traumatic characteristics. Cell memory seeks possible solutions for the negative trauma suffered. In the lack of finding one, it replays the previous chronic process, which manifests on the physical level. This procedure repeats itself until we find the adequate, right way out. The Matrix Drops information helps in such matters. For the first time in the world, we have created a product that allows us to impregnate trauma characteristics into water, with which we can find the way out of irresolvable trauma characteristic traits.

Enables us to correct our messed up or damaged life processes, and correct it with quintessential MD information. As individuals vary, our psychological traumas as well, just like their physical manifestations. Solving a psychological, emotional or mental problem ahead of time, will no longer let them manifest in the physical world. Prevention and ‘early detection’ gain a new meaning. Our high-tech MDC device detects the problem when it is yet unseen on the physical level.

Seemingly, almost everywhere, and every desired object becomes available with the exception of important things that are about us or from our hidden inner world. Those are the greatest ones worth living for! World exploratory MDC will touch those who touch it.

We have created a specific product and service line, that has not existed before. The Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP) and the use of MD products imply a high civilized culture.

We have brought values to the surface, that can be understood initially by ‘excellence’. Those who have tried it, incorporated it into their reality.

The extraordinary computer stands beyond the ordinary boundaries of knowledge!

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