The Matrix Drops Computer is our internal world’s portal

I called the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) our internal world’s portal that provided me with individualized multi-dimensional guidance.

MAGYAR VIKTÓRIAI called the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) our internal world’s portal that provided me with individualized multi-dimensional guidance. Pythagoras’s world view, models, and maps are only good for earthly orientation; yet they don’t explain emotional and spiritual heights.  I came to understand with the Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP) that even the most modern period is not technicality, but rather an approach.

The “killing protections” and the avoidance of harmful effects, as explained by the MDP, brought unusual liberation into my life.

The misbelief of avoidance of sunlight must be communicated to people, since the biggest obstacle for D vitamin infiltration are sun protecting factors found in creams.

Being exposed to harmful, negative earth resonances initiate malignant processed and have chaotic impact on our energy structure and nearly all organs.  Gluten, milk, egg-white, sugar, hormone treated animal meat; these are all destructive and non-nutritional substances accumulating in us, and could be the source of autoimmune illnesses.

Many nowadays recognize and acknowledge side effects of vaccinations that result in health energy and information disturbances.

I have experienced all of the above on my own skin, but with the help of the MDP I learned a way out from the problems. It is not easy to put down our old lifestyle and pleasant (but harmful habits), but the influence of the MDP, their seduction fades away. Pursuant to this, I even manage to maintain my ideal weight, since I purged the aforementioned non-nutrients from my diet.

The followers of eugenics manipulate populations. Some examples are genetically modified food consumption, and usage of synthetic chemicals by the food industry. I admit that in our modern, changed environment we are forced to build up our personality through these new approaches. However, when I first felt that my mind irradiated by the MDP approach, I immediately started walking on my life culture’s new path. I put down my old ways of thinking, since they did not reflect today’s reality. Instead of being bound as a seeker of sentiment, emotional and spiritual labyrinths, instead I build on truth, trust and self-confidence as the function of my highbrow and self-portrait. in today’s society people are their own biggest enemy, because they don’t know themselves well.

Unknown until the advent of the MDP, our quintessential being, strength as well as weaknesses, delusions, and actual fate task, are phenomenally revealed. 

We recommend putting down old viewpoints, persuasions and misbeliefs with the MDP guidance, and create new habits to achieve a successful, happier and balanced life .

“To receive something of value from life, you must do something you have never done before. Change!” The MDC was born to awaken our self-recognition, correspondence and to teach us to enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge.

To the contrary of all the above, we can try to recognize a phenomena that has been going on for decades. Most of knowledge acquired in modern education is not benefiting the human character or spiritual progress, but rather serves the evolution of industry and business. In other words, if someone has a strong educational background it does not necessarily mean that this person is practical. The secret of our success is not measured in quantity, but rather in quality. The knowledge we represent depends on our quality of life and our self-recognition. The process by which the MDC opens the gates to achieving this promise is a truly unique power.

People who are emotionally balanced are able to discover their personality’s infinity, and strongly believe in getting to know the infinity of character of people around them.  Cynic individuals neither believe in themselves, nor trust others. The MDC only suggested me those intricacies that my spirit was willing to bring to the surface from my subconscious, then carefully selected Matrix Drops to gently facilitate the change process.

Viktoria Magyar

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