The Matrix Drops Computer recognized a spiritual entity

A nice three-member family visited our Matrix Drops centre early July.

Agócs Edit – Matrix Drops

They have come for a check-up test into the Matrix Drops store. They only asked for a short analysis, because they wanted to alleviate their current concerns, to move on, using Matrix Drops at the recommended highest percentage.

After the measurement, Mária, a lady in her early twenties, inquired whether the machine showed the attachment of any entity /shadow personality/ to her.

It is not a frequent question and I was a bit surprised, so I asked why she thought of that.

“At times, my energy level falls, I become listless, indifferent and I feel depressed. It’s a different feeling, restlessness, I feel different, it is like a suggestion. I cannot describe it with words, it is a weird and not a good feeling”- she replied.

The measurements confirmed Mary’s feelings. The Matrix Drops Computer sent the message “Entity possible” after the measuring. We helped Mária to find the solution in our office. Our colleague helped the spirit that was attached to her pass to afterlife, and she has taken the drops chosen by the machine to harmonize her fine body.

The words are connected to our physically touchable being, while the feelings are part of our quantum physical existence. Therefore, it is difficult to put our feelings into words. In fact, there are no words for them, they can only be described. 

The poets and writers are the masters and artists of the oral presentation of our quantum physical world – our feelings, thoughts, soul, relationships and spirit. Multiple experiences can lead us to recognize the feelings, even without the help of Matrix Drops Computer, that clearly indicate the presence of a spirit – entity – that is connected to our person.

Edit Agócs,
Matrix Drops trainer


These testimonials are for informational purposes only and are based on personal reports. They cannot be interpreted as statements of healing. No promises of healing are made or treated in medical terms. The Matrix Drops do not replace a doctor or naturopath. The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device, but a quantum physics device that compares and analyzes information patterns. Classical medicine has so far neither accepted nor recognized the observations presented by the Matrix Drops Computer. The Matrix Drops quintessences are not medicines, but products to support the development of consciousness. All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on knowledge and experience with the Matrix Drops protocol itself.

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