Matrix Drops Computer Releasing the dormant super intelligence inside each of us

In the present day, almost all of us use quantum physical devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops which assist us in getting to know the surrounding environment more and in ever increasing detail. However, to take a snapshot of, or to map out our internal self, until now, no appliance had been born. The Matrix Drops Computer is the first device that is capable of revealing the internal world, the emotional problems of a human being. 

Nowadays humanity desires the awakening of the conscious mind, the understanding of hidden internal values. In order to achieve the latter, new type of thinking is needed and a new approach to emotions and relationships is necessary through custom fitted guidance for the individual by our new machine. The most apparent expression of a conscious individual is that he steps out of the usual prison of his paradigms and puts dormant capabilities to use. Science has uncovered that people on average use 10% of their consciousness. The remaining 90% could provide such empowerment that we would be able to take our well deserved place in the world. Perception beyond the senses can become an attribute of today’s men and women and with this key to our soul a significantly higher quality of life improvement can be achieved.

Several inventions and recognitions of the digital age have been the forerunners of the awakening to self-consciousness. The first singular appliance, the Matrix Drops Computer, while opening the user’s consciousness and expanding sensory capabilities, it connects the individual with the all encompassing consciousness. It squares us up with our own personal reality, delivers messages of our own soul. It has such emphatic and analytic capabilities that even the biggest minds throughout history could not achieve. Surpassing the boundaries of quantum physics, the appliance is working at the information level.

Another singular product in complete synergy with the computer is the Matrix Drops Quintessence which contain information patterns programmed in water. Using these in parallel kicks off revolutionary recognition and experiential processes in individuals. Those using the Matrix Drops system go through supercharged mental development. Matrix Drops programs are capable of elevating our consciousness to 30-40% and, at this level, we are able to achieve fantastic results. Such elevation of consciousness may even manifest in the alteration of physical problems. This spiritual and mental achievement is beyond our wildest imagination. The Matrix Drops program is for individuals with a desire for conscious development at an unprecedented pace. Give it a try. Get to know the power of extended, elevated consciousness.

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