Matrix Drops computer which maps the soul

The mankind’s thousands of years’ dream came true

Matrix Drops

The Matrix Drops Computer maps the human soul, its feelings and thoughts. It is evidence to the psychological theory that almost without exception the physical diseases originate from higher levels. The emotional problems, mental difficulties and relationship crises appear mostly in physical problems. Even psychology can sometimes approach the underlying psychological reasons with extensive analyses. The underlying deeper processes come rarely or not at all to light.

People often ask the question: Why am I depressed, why am I sad, what should be done differently to avoid the inconveniences? The Matrix Drops Computer explores the feelings and thoughts that make us stiff and keep us in bondage. The computer summarizes how deep spiritual scars the seemingly insignificant emotional and mental problems are causing. C.G. Jung called the hidden negative human qualities “shadow”. As the shadow is the unknown part of the soul, people are defenceless against the dark side.

The dark side is not easy to detect; it hides from human power. We need light, interior light to see our soul. Any information of the 108 mineral elements the human body is built up from is needed to eradicate the crippling power of the dark side. The Matrix Drops have been developed for this task.

The Matrix Drops Computer recognizes and the Matrix Drops overcome the negative characteristics that weaken the humans

The science of quantum physics can already measure the invisible manifestations of the human being – feelings, thoughts and relationship stoppages – with computers in these days. Medicine has known before that the body operates with energy impulses.

The ECG, EEG, and EMG testing instruments, that can sense the energies flowing in the body, are based on them. However, the Matrix Drops Computer can also map the energy radiating from the body. It scans our finest regions and the possible physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual problems. The Matrix Drops Computer is no diagnostic equipment, but a quantum physical device which sees into the higher dimensions of our being.

Already the intake of ten drops of Matrix Drops – chosen by the computer – creates an objectively measurable, significant increase in the aura, which is a clear sign of the positive effect it has on our being. It contains the combinations of information of the 108 mineral elements our world and the human body are made up of – similarly to computer software – stored in water. Apart from clean water, the Matrix Drops do not contain any material or diluted substance just high-level information!

The well-chosen Matrix Drops correct the damaged and mistuned part of our body. It is similar to the upgrade of a computer. The perfect basic information induces perfect behaviour in the body. The computer is able to choose from over 900 pieces of Matrix Drops information and their combinations. During the one-minute measurement time, it calls down eight million details from the measured person; then it selects the correcting information it needs. The identified undesired properties can be controlled with the Matrix Drops. Our negative properties can be put down, and the desired positive qualities can be strengthened. With the help of the Matrix Drops we can prevent the spiritual problems from projecting onto the body.

Our experts present the further details of the Matrix Drops Protocol to you to maintain the achieved results in the long term. During the twenty-year development stage thousands of people have decided in favour of the Matrix Drops. Remarkable fact: the incidence of depression, cancer and chronic problems among them has decreased below 1 per thousand.

The problems and worries disappear not only temporarily, but permanently. The released energies are available to achieve our goals and make our dreams come to.

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