Matrix Drops – Creative information in water

Creative information

Science investigates matter and energy, while there are guiding principles in the world deriving from higher dimensions that determine the functioning of matter and energy. These are the information patterns of the creator intelligence, which cannot be described by either material or energetic rules. Every living and non-living organization creates its own form of being through the creative information it carries – this is how it manifests itself.

The 3000 different Matrix Drops

Matrix Drops

Information remedies carry the information patterns that create the elements and their compounds that make up the world and man. The information patterns are programmed to water with a quantum physics device. The body can easily take the information from water, which then reaches all our cells and subtle body fields (energies, emotions, thoughts, relationships, soul, spirit) in a moment, where it helps to dissolve blockages and restore out-of-tune states. The created changes then can get imprinted into the physical body.

Cold fusion is an innate ability of living beings

Plants, animals, and humans can use cold fusion – that is functioning at body temperature – to create from a substance a completely different one. When plants photosynthesize, mineral elements are transformed into other elements. In humans and animals, this unique kind of transformation is carried out by enzymes. The harms of civilization and stress significantly weaken, or may even block, this ability. Matrix Drops can activate and control cold fusion processes, thanks to which the body can incorporate and even create the substances it needs (e.g. trace elements, vitamins, amino acids). Some examples:

Dissolving the Information Disturbance behind the following Problems with Matrix Drops

ProblemMatrix Drops Code
Iron deficiency, anemia349F
Vitamin D malabsorption 712S
Vitamin C malabsorption 711S
Cysteine ​​amino acid incorporation disorder1503F
Carnitine amino acid malabsorption1523F
Melatonin hormone disorder723F

Eliminating heavy metals and toxins

With cold fusion, living organisms can not only create but also eliminate substances from the body, such as toxins and heavy metals. The biggest health challenges of our time are primarily heavy metal overload, which blocks the immune system and serves as a breeding ground for viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Matrix Drops information remedies can make the consciousness and body system recognize the information disorder caused by heavy metal, thus the body can dematerialize it from bones, tissues, and organs by cold fusion. The process usually takes 3 months, for which we provide the clients with specific MD information remedy sets. Some examples:

Dissolving the Information Disturbance behind the following types of Heavy Metal Overload with Matrix Drops

Aluminum – 747 set
Nickel – 749 set
Zinc – 751 set
Cadmium – 754 set
Uranium – 758 set
Arsenic – 759 set
Radium – 760 set

How to choose the proper Matrix Drops information remedy?

The Matrix Drops Computer selects the most recommended Matrix Drops information remedy for the client with a scan taking only a minute – which can also be done remotely. Anyone can choose Matrix Drops information remedies even without a scan; we offer complex information remedies for the most common information disorders. Some examples:

Dissolving the Information Disorder behind the following Problems with Matrix Drops

ProblemMatrix Drops Code
Balance Disorder489F
Common Cold caused by Air Conditioning567F
Fertility Disorders, Infertility 931F
Gingival Atrophy 367F
Gray Hair492F
Immune System Disorders377F
Iron Deficiency, Anemia349F
Menopause, Hot Flashes, Climacteric329F
Menstrual Problems, Period Problems305F
Panic 336F
Premature Ejaculation 479F
Sleep Disorder407F
Testophobia, Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety352F
Osteoporosis 309F
Vomiting 371F
Vomiting during Pregnancy, Morning Sickness 921F
White Genital Discharge, Genital Fungus499F

Find the complete list of complex information remedies here:

Matrix Drops Computer – beyond the possibilities offered by bioenergy

All physical and mental problems first appear in the form of information disorders. The Matrix Drops Computer detects the causes of possible physical problems at an informational level, even before any physical signs would appear.

  • Reveals information disturbances behind chronic and autoimmune diseases.
  • Reveals information disturbances behind the causes of fears, or problems on soul and spirit levels; and short- and long-term effects of injuries and traumas of the soul.
  • Reveals information disturbances behind the physical and mental manifestation of infections, different heavy metal overloads and radiation exposures, and damages to the RNA and DNA.
  • Reveals current life challenges we have to face, and the positive and negative aspects of the soul

Remote scan with Matrix Drops Computer

Through the Matrix Drops Computer, the therapist is able to connect with the scanned person even from thousands of miles away. Through the consciousness field, psychological and mental problems communicate and appear on the device’s display, regardless of distance.

Matrix Drops for animals

Both pets and farm animals can be analyzed quickly and easily with an MDC remote scan, so we can get a complete picture of the information disturbances behind the energetic, emotional, relational, and soul-level problems of our animals.

Matrix Drops for plants

The 100% chemical- and heavy metal-free Matrix Drops plant conditioning products are recommended for use in horticulture and agriculture.

Important Information


Matrix Drops information remedies are 100% pure water, do not contain additives or preservatives, nor vibrations, only high-level information patterns extracted from natural substances (minerals, gemstones, plants). There is no risk of overdose.


Do not dilute Matrix Drops, apply 3 times a day, approx. 20 drops (1 mL) directly from the bottle into the mouth. Please do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before and after taking Matrix Drops information remedies.


Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops products do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. The statements and videos on this website have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization. The recommendations and methods presented are for information only. They are real-life reports of individuals. They are not statements of healing and do not promise a cure or medical treatment.

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