The Matrix Drops Invention, an artistic creation

The expansion of the Matrix Drops project holds continuous discoveries forus to which we received a multitude of keys through the help of our intuition.

An invention is always a sensitive matter. Professional factories operatingwithin institutional frameworks often only concentrate on their own taskstherefore they are not receptive towards and can’t accept or recognize theinnovation of a creative individual who, from their perspective, is anoutsider. Possibilities hidden in the Matrix Drops invention in certaininstances point beyond current practical examples and knowledge. Thereare aspects of it where anomalies, incompatibilities misalign against earlierpractices. This led me to take a bold step of creating a scalar informationfield theory for consciousness.

The foundation for my discoveries are observations in the realms ofconscious-, information- and thought fields collected during Matrix DropsComputer (MDC) scans. For this, we have to move beyond three or fourdimensions, which are customary in field theories, and step into additionaldimensions. These dimensions opened up new spiritual-, sociological-,anthropological- and culture-scientific perspectives.  

The success of a product is measured by the market based on counting thenumber of users. Success of scientific and artistic results mostly depend onthe attitude, opinion, encouragement and honest reaction of a narrow,savvy audience. I achieved verification of the results through the toolboxprovided by logic and mathematics.

An innovative idea often causes agitation. Science strives to achievesecurity, coherence and certain degree of isolation. For scientists, if theygain some new knowledge as the result of their research, it will bring powerto them. Lacking this detail, an outsider can’t take advantage of thepossibilities offered by the invention since he does not know much aboutthe recognitions. The strength and perseverance of many involved willunite, at all costs, to keep up the illusions supported by false facts.

In some artistic creations, scientific messages also appear. As long asthe artist is not bothered by this fact, social practice will considerthem as pleasure, entertainment.

Why is this so? New inventions will be scrutinized mostly by those thatconsider the freshly surfacing knowledge to be a rivaling approach to that oftheir own fields’ achievements. Therefore, these critics will consider the newas adversarial and will target it for destruction.

The researcher, scientist, artist or alchemist uncovering the new inventionwill gain access to such abundant “playground” that will allow him to buildthis new knowledge into his life and work.
When the creation is complete, the inventor is the one that can trulyrecognize the significance of his work. At the same time, application of theinvention will show the true value of the discovery. It does not matter if anew invention differs from the socially accepted and appreciated. A biggerloss is when the inventor’s life is made impossible, or his invention is stolenand is marked for destruction prior to the creation becoming available forthe public.

These are the thoughts that Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Nobel laureatescientist, shared about inventors:

“Every invention is just that because it is a real challenger to acceptedknowledge. The premise of the invention is immediately discarded and therepresentatives of standard science claim that it is “false”. With thisstatement they become the obstacle to development. When an inventor’snew suppositions are discarded it signals that he’s on the right path;however, if the science community accepts something, it should really givepause to the inventor because it means he could say nothing new.

Independent of what science thinks about it, the Matrix Drops project existsand connects to the wave of conscious development in the world. Thiswave has filled the field around us and is now so big that any attempt todelay its effects is futile. Distinguished members of the scientific communityat international conferences have stated the following about the MatrixDrops Computer: “This device is ahead of its time by 50 years.”

I will lead you to the birth of something magical. We can experience theroad of discovery from the very beginnings through the moment of scientificand artistic shaping all the way to institutional and social acceptance.

I will describe how we created what was unknown until now, something thathas not come to light before.

The methods of the Matrix Drops project, the device, products and the pureinformation patterns possess these previously unknown dimensions. Itscapabilities and functioning are not even similar to that of machines createdto-date. Not only does it differ in the methods it uses to reveal its findings,but also the products bringing solutions are radically different.Anyone can take it in their hands and use it.
Since demonstration is not enough, we revealed its supporting ideology andwe shared its operating principles with the world. When we introduce theMD project we don’t isolate its parts from each other, but rather wedemonstrate the entire system. Gradually, its operating principles arerevealed to us at the spiritual, emotional and relational levels. Scalarinformation phenomena take shape through such a digital device that can,figuratively speaking, hold a mirror in front of us and describe what it seesin readable form. This way, we may take a step closer to the understandingof this new dimension, which amounts to a self-confession for truth seekers.For a discovery one has to be brave and unbiased.

Logic squeezes known things into the duality of the cause and effectprinciple. For us to be able to recognize the “new”, deeper knowledge of thegiven field of study is indispensable. The inventor is forced to reveal hiswork to his audience, evaluate his thoughts and ideas and emphasize theimportance of those. So he has to gain the public’s acceptance of hisinvention, about which he feels most enthusiast and passionate, from aposition that may appear self-trumpeting. Sometimes this may dampen thedynamic nature of things. I believe this process can be sped up if the newinvention takes on an artistic form. This is how the Matrix Drops programsucceeded to win a chance to humbly conquer its audience.

The world of Matrix Drops was conceived in our minds when the demandwas not yet there for it, though the necessity to have such a solution hasalready been exhibited in human consciousness.

András Kovács-Magyar

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