The Matrix Drops invention was developed to harmonize the modern quantum physical human model

The purpose of the invention and the stages of research work

The essence and purpose of my invention is to harmonize the energy fields of natural elements, minerals, plants, animals and humans. The procedure is the result of my research work aimed at the components of the above-listed living beings.

Each existing living and non-living substance always creates its own form of being through the information it carries, and so it manifests. Human beings possess the most chemical elements from among all the living beings on Earth; their number is 108. Each element contains a message which is typical of only that element. The human’s wonderful mind and spirit control the information they contain. The wholeness of the fields of such creating elements meets in the collective unconsciousness.

Ildikó Kovács – Magyar and András Kovács – Magyar

There may be disturbances in the humans’ ‘seven bodies’ as divided by myself: in the physical, energy, emotional, thought, connection, spirit and soul bodies. They may be caused by internal and external effects. The thought-forms are existing forms of energy, i.e. forces that shape reality. There are stops and crises in life, which may even be generated in our invisible worlds, and they may project onto our physical body finally. Today I am able to identify a person’s personality and spiritual problems that are invisible to the physical eyes with our Matrix Drops computer developed after twenty years of research work. I teach how changes can be caused to harmonize fields and eliminate obstructions, and finally the seven bodies will be in harmony again.

While creating and studying the modern human model, I have been inspired by the state-of-the-art technology and the latest scientific discoveries. As the disturbances in the living being’s invisible energy fields are projected onto their physical body after some time, they may cause visible, touchable and measurable health-type damages to the organ systems. However, the early recognition of the fields’ disturbances prevents visible changes in the physical body. I could even call it the phenomenon of ‘slip’. It may occur that the disturbance of the fields can be measured and corrected years or months before the bodily symptoms would develop.

During my study and research work I have placed much emphasis on exploring the factors that disturb the information energy fields which surround and interweave the living being, as well as on the ways and opportunities of their correction.

During my work, I have examined the reality formed by the chemical elements that build the living beings. I have observed that each element functions perfectly at the examined levels. Each creature, depending on its level of development, dominates a certain number of components. Their aggregate determines how developed their structure and organism are. Human beings are the most developed creatures that are able to manage, control and harmonize most elements.

Still, errors may arise in the more and more complex systems; errors that might be caused by external or internal disturbances. My purpose is to find the casual factors and correct them as much as possible. I have used the perfect and original elemental information to tune back and update the disturbances at elemental level. I managed to forward this information into stones with the help of pure crystals and then fix them in water and other liquids. I have not only created the stored information in its elemental reality, but in a controlled manner, i.e. I connected it with other elements. So I got to the Matrix drops which are able to correct all the seven fields.

There are pieces of elemental information which support and there are others which blank out each others’ information fields. During my measurements and theoretical research work, I have used the results of the Matrix Drops computer from among the wide range of computer technology. Such equipment confirmed the measurements made on humans with the method of radiesthesia.

I program the clear water and other fluids through stones and crystals. The information of the elements and their well-harmonized and measured Matrix Drops are able to correct the elemental energy and space disorders in the living organisms and to tune or retune them. The instrumental measurements made on living beings and, among others, on humans, proved the efficiency of the input Matrix Drops. Such fine vibrations and information are perfectly suitable to improve vitality, to rejuvenate the biological age, to refresh the brain’s operation, to strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system, to maintain an even pulse, to improve the energy level and increase the harmony and activity of the right and left cerebral hemispheres. In summary, they serve to significantly improve the joint fractional health indicators.

The controlled information Matrix Drops, based on the principle of quantum physics, affects the forms of behavior by harmonizing the elemental levels of the energies, emotions, thoughts, connections, soul and spirit.

The stages of research work

The brief summary of my research work:

  1. I have made measurements with quantum mechanical quality control, as well as with the proved method of radiesthesia.
  2. I have created a new analogical system based on the human’s, as a living organism’s seven fields (levels) and bodies.
  3. I have explored the external and internal information factors that cause disturbance in the bodies.
  4. I managed to record the correcting, harmonizing and tuning information of the elemental expressions the bodies consists of.
  5. I have elaborated methods for the choice of the necessary information and how it will be communicated to the “seven bodies”.
The thousands of years of secret comes to life (fresco in Vatican)

The quantum physical processes of my invention were evoked by the message

of the mysterious equipment in the fresco I have decoded.

The essence of my invention:

I have recognized and stored several elemental and controlled harmonized pieces of information in stones, crystals and other elements. These programs are the Matrix Drops. I can tune water and other fluids through their fields.

The various semi-precious stones and precious stones store vibrations that are able to store new information. If we surround such natural and programmed stones with mediating crystals, they are able to program the fluids. Water, among others, is the most suitable fluid.

Fluids store the clear and guided information matrixes well. Once the Matrix Drops enter the organism and meet any disorder or complaint, they are able to restore the state of balance wherever necessary.

The perfect tuning creates balance in each of our bodies. This balance gives our cosmic wholeness and, as a result, affects our happiness.

After all, each science acknowledges today that stressful life is the major cause of diseases and leads to unhappiness. The product developed by myself tries to eliminate this harmful effect, which – based on my experience and plans – completely satisfies our modern time’s holographic new world model concept and expectations.

The studied fields and the results of researches

The following short list is a presentation of the important ‘chapters’ I have studied from the big storehouse of the science’s development and used for my work. This short summary is based primarily on the knowledge of magnetic, electro-magnetic and other information fields.

  • a. Newton’s mechanic world concept; Mendeleyev and the chemical elements; Maxwell’s electrical and János Bolyai’s mathematical space theories;
  • b. The evidence of Albert Einstein’s relativity and other mathematical theories about spaces;
  • c. Determinations of the researches into quantum physics;
  • d. New scientific, physical and astronomical space theories and their proven results;
  • e. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water and ice crystal researcher’s scientific discoveries. The water’s “memory” and programmability;
  • f. The observations of morphogenetic spaces; animal experiments and their scientific results;
  • g. The crystals’ energy and information storing and mediating abilities;
  • h. The elements the living beings consist of and their information characteristics;
  • i. The latest computerized energy and informational space examinations and the bio resonance;
  • j. Justification of the recognition and the results of my researches with the Matrix Drops computer;
  • k. DNA researches – EPI genetics, environmental effects influencing the DNA;
  • l. Holographic model of the Universe.

I have examined the following fields regarding the factors causing distortion of the living beings’ information energy fields and their correction:

  • a. the seven levels of the human body fields;
  • b. the negative effect of the Earth’s geopathic radiation;
  • c. the bio informational causes and disturbances causing the distortion of the human body fields at the seven levels of consciousness;
  • d. presentation of the levels of consciousness and their operation;
  • e. tuning and refreshing the damaged human body fields with elemental and other information traceable in nature;
  • f. programming minerals, stones, water and other fluids;
  • g. opportunities to convey the information, stored in stones, into fluids.

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