Matrix Drops Protocol brought enlightenment into my life

The Matrix Drops Protocol brought enlightenment into my life. Since I have been practicing the protocol, I find it easier to express my intrinsic values. The essence of our personality is revealed through creation. This could mean music, painting, architecture, sculpturing, or even inventing. The Protocol brings to light feelings, thoughts and emotional aptitudes that words cannot describe.

People from numerous regions of the world are becoming and embracing the state of being trapped in a purely consumer based society. Being able to buy whatever one wants at a whim or primal impulse to call attention on self with materialistic accumulated things does not and will not ever define a person.

Such people have already forgotten how happiness comes from creation and mostly repeat themselves or imitate others. In a society where such understanding is a norm, it becomes very difficult to become a creator, since everything works against the desire or act of creation.

A dynamic person is valuable both for their thoughts as well as for their feelings, and expresses their desires through creation; furthermore, only this gives them pleasure with satisfaction, while consumption is only secondary. Those that choose the self-realization’s active side, they have to work very hard for it. As far as I am concerned, the reward is not going to be superficial, but rather something that everybody wishes for – pure happiness.

I believe that if two happy and creative people meet, this interdependence can bring about one of humanity´s most powerful capabilities – love. Every other orthogonal attempt is a projection. I think it is not possible to make an unhappy person happy without starting within, self. Happiness arises from within us. I am sure if two truly happy people meet, together they are capable of rising to higher levels, towards eternity.

How the Matrix Drops Protocol contributed to this? It help me find self-recognition, with which I could easily spread my wings; this is why we need to ignite that internal light to enlighten our very soul.

Magyar Adriana

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