The Matrix Drops Protocol

Create a new consciousness of your body and soul

The human organism is an absolutely brilliant, self-regulating system. It controls, retains, regenerates and disposes of the toxins from our body via the intestinal system, lungs, kidneys and skin.

What can be the reason why we are time to time sick?

The causes are many: genetic predisposition and inherited weakness, the mindset, lack of exercise and eating habits. Additional negative factors in our day and age are: electrosmog, cell phone radiation, food additives, medicines, genetically modified food as well as viruses, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals and toxins, which we ingest through our diet and breathing.

Impacts in nutrition lead to a general metabolic disorder or chronic inflammation in the organism. As a result, the functions of the immune system are injured and autoimmune diseases develop.

After many years of observation, the research team at Matrix Drops recognized which are the pathogens that even support degenerative processes in the body. The researchers also know very well what causes the pathogens in the stomach, small and large intestine. They are responsible for the so-called IDS (irritable bowel syndrome) and for the inflammation that occurs in the organism.

We recommend avoiding the following foods:

  • Milk, egg white
  • Frozen scampi / shrimp
  • Mussels, basically
  • Flour and pasta containing gluten, cakes (wheat, rye, oats, barley)
  • Corn and all corn products
  • Canned food, ready meals
  • Soy and soybean
  • margarine
  • Soft cheese
  • Beer, liqueurs
  • Carbonated drinks, tap water with chlorine

Additional information:

Food combining – only vegetables (best steamed) are recommended as a side dish for meat and fish.

Use only fat (pork, geese, duck) or butter for roasting. Vegetable oils heated migrate into trans fat.

1-2 glasses of dry wine or 1-2 coffee a day are no problem (quality wine and coffee, of course).

The following foods are recommended:

  • Beetroot, vegetables
  • Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, avocado, papaja
  • Sweet potatoes, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa
  • Hard, mature cheeses (matured more than 40 days)
  • Olive oil (only to be consumed cold), butter
  • Meat: organic without hormones, without antibiotics, without preservatives
  • Coconut sugar in small quantities
  • Sweet cream, sour cream
  • Yogurt and curd cheese max. 1 x per week
  • Fish without preservatives (wild fish, sea fish)
  • Salad (organic)
  • Egg yolk (organic)

The Matrix Drops Computer offers a revolutionary new way of analyzing people. It is a singular computer measuring device that can connect the human consciousness with the subconscious and can determine the most important factors and processes – which negatively influence the quality of life. This unique holographic system enables an analysis of human problems that was previously hard to imagine. With the extensive selection of informed water – Matrix Drops – a new path to harmony and well-being opens up.

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