Matrix Drops Protocol

Matrix Drops Protocol

If you are not willing to change your life, you cannot be helped.” Hippocrates

The quote makes it clear that whoever chooses the easier or the “derailing” path pays a heavy price for it. In our world, they make promises by using a lot of misleading information and illusions, with which they mislead people. Those who give up their real self in return for the promise of an easy way will be exploited physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP), which is considered exceptionally beneficial, has already brought extraordinary results experienced by many. The protocol contains the steps that eliminate our different types of continuous energy losses. Without applying changes, no cure can help the information disturbances and distortions developed in the body, in the long term.

“Help yourself, and God will help you too!”

1. Geopathic radiation – Hartmann-zones, underground water streams

All stress zones – Hartmann zones and water streams – and their intersections cause geopathic stress in living organisms. The Hartmann-zones and water streams that pass beneath us adversely affect the aura that surrounds our bodies. Damage in the aura due to disturbing zones can cause disease in our body. Various organs get weakened, inflammation and other chronic problems can appear when we are above a Hartmann-zones or an underground water stream.

András Kovács-Magyar created an integrated system for his radiesthetic observations, involving more than 400,000 customers. His system includes the list of diseases he observed to develop above specific geopathic radiation zones. When the Matrix Drops Computer measures imprints of geopathic radiation in the auras – Hartmann-zones, underground water streams – it is recommended to have the geopathic radiation zones mapped up in our homes and workplaces. Some examples:

All radiesthetic observations with the list of diseases you can find in András Kovács-Magyar’s book:

Keys to Prevent and Solve Seemingly Incurable Diseases

Matrix Drops Protocol - Keys to Prevent and Solve Seemingly Incurable Diseases

There is no physical or energetic protection against the effects of geopathic radiation zones! There is only one way to prevent the harmful radiation zones from affecting us: if, as our place is mapped up, our bed, favorite armchair, or desk is moved to a radiation-free place as soon as possible.

2. Reforming our diet – we recommend avoiding some foods

Reforming our diet should not be neglected either, because most intestinal inflammations are behind the severe and insidiously developing autoimmune diseases. 70% of the immune system is located in the large intestine, which has an extremely important physiological role. When there is a predominance of disease-causing pathogens in the weakened intestinal system, the balance of the epithelium of the intestinal flora gets disrupted. The defense system is inhibited by insufficient metabolic processes, because toxins and waste materials are not excreted properly, as a result of which decomposition products enter the body. In order to avoid inflammation and self-poisoning,

we recommend avoiding the following foods:

  • Milk, egg white
  • Frozen scampi / shrimp
  • Mussels, basically
  • Meat of animals treated with hormones and antibiotics
  • Flour and pasta containing gluten, cakes (wheat, rye, oats, barley)
  • Corn and all corn products
  • Canned food, ready meals
  • Soy and soybean
  • margarine
  • Soft cheese
  • Beer, liqueurs
  • Carbonated drinks, tap water with chlorine

Additional information:

Food combining – only vegetables (best steamed) are recommended as a side dish for meat and fish.
Use only fat (pork, geese, duck) or butter for roasting. Vegetable oils heated migrate into trans fat.
1-2 glasses of dry wine or 1-2 coffee a day are no problem (quality wine and coffee, of course).

The following foods are recommended:

  • Beetroot, vegetables
  • Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, avocado, papaya
  • Sweet potatoes, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa
  • Hard, mature cheeses (matured more than 40 days)
  • Olive oil (only to be consumed cold), butter
  • Meat: organic without hormones, without antibiotics, without preservatives
  • Coconut sugar in small quantities
  • Sweet cream, sour cream
  • Yogurt and curd cheese max. 1 x per week
  • Fish without preservatives (wild fish, sea fish)
  • Salad (organic)
  • Egg yolk (organic)

3. Disturbing Entities, attached spirits, curses

It is desirable to find optional disturbing entities in the environment and to help them in getting further, into other realms. With the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), shadow personalities, also known as entities, which are spirits attached to people and present in their environment, as well as external blocking effects and curses, can also be recognized in the aura. In these cases, the MDC recommends a special Matrix Drops to keep the entity away or to resolve the negative effect of a curse. It is enough to take 20 drops once a week from the proper Matrix Drops to rid oneself of the unfavorable influences.

For a final solution to get rid of entities, please contact us. in the book: The biggest secret: the Truth you can read more than 150 interesting cases with entities. The book will be out soon. For more information:

 The biggest secret: the Truth

4. Protection from Electrosmog

Let’s protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radiations surrounding us with MM-marked electrosmog protectors.

Protection from Electrosmog

5. Violations of Autonomy due to vaccination

Many people believe that their autonomy is violated as a result of vaccinations. The MDC recognizes the resulting information disturbances, and our methods enable the necessary corrections.

6. Chemicals, preservatives, radioactive substances, heavy metals

With Matrix Drops information remedies, let’s correct the information disturbances in our body caused by accumulated harmful chemicals, preservatives, radioactive substances, heavy metals, and different harms on the soul level.

7. Use fluoride-free toothpaste

The benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste are now indisputable. Research over the past decades has proven that fluoride is harmful to health.

fluoride-free toothpaste

8. Sunlight is more than a source of energy

There is no healthy life without it. Sunlight protects against bacterial and viral infections, produces vitamin D, stabilizes blood pressure, increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, keeps calcium levels in balance, strengthens our immune system, protects our nervous system – thus increasing our ability to withstand stress -, protects against osteoporosis, protects against diabetes, from cardiovascular disorders, supports our digestive processes, reduces the rate of cell proliferation and the chance of developing different types of cancer. There are countless misconceptions about sunbathing, even though it is essential for our existence!

9. School of Awakening to Self-Consciousness

Many people come to us for guidance. We have composed a special curriculum for people who want to learn and rise to a higher level of consciousness. Learning about the elements of our healing system is essential for a sense of well-being. The students can learn the secrets of our method as well, as part of our education. During the exciting journey, the results appear almost immediately and a significant increase in self-awareness can be achieved. The gained information expands the horizon of our thinking and promotes acquiring knowledge through experience.

Participation in the school is not tied to any professional qualification. Everyone can use them with pleasure in his practice and in his private life. During our self-developing courses besides mediating the serious and exceptionally interesting and useful knowledge base, everyone grows in self-esteem also.

For more information about dates and locations please contact us:

10. Exercise is part of a health-conscious life

to which we should pay sufficient attention every day. Every type of exercise reduces the risk of disease. A lack of exercise primarily leads to the development of cardiovascular problems, and in addition, unused muscles degenerate and wither. Anyone who stops exercising regularly on a daily basis will have to face serious health problems. At least 40 minutes of brisk walking per day is necessary to maintain health. Everything changes in life. One thing remains unchanged: the body’s constant need for movement.

A conscious and healthy life cannot be achieved without fundamental changes

However, reforming eating habits is essential for complete success. Frequent, unjustified exhaustion primarily affects the adult society, and secondarily the children. Exhaustion can appear on the bodily, soul, mental, and physical levels and sometimes altogether at once, which usually does not change even after prolonged rest.

“If qualitative development stops and stagnates in an individual’s life, the organization of the body shifts its program towards quantitative change. This can cause “overproduction, overproliferation” at the cellular level.” – Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

Create a new consciousness of your body and soul

The Matrix Drops Computer offers a revolutionary new way of analyzing people. It is a singular computer device that can connect the human consciousness with the subconscious and can determine the most important factors and processes – which negatively influence the quality of life. This unique holographic system enables an analysis of human problems that was previously hard to imagine. With the extensive selection of informed water – Matrix Drops – a new path to harmony and well-being opens up.


Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops products do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult the appropriate healthcare professional. The statements and videos on this website have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization. The recommendations and methods presented are for information only. They are real-life reports of individuals. They are not statements of healing and do not promise a cure or medical treatment.

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