Matrix Drops – Symphony of the soul

Modern science observes energies and vibrations that can be found in the world and in humans. There’s something above all which has created everything else, such as vibrations, energies, minerals in living beings, including humans, in this world. That is information. Matrix Drops Quintessences contain water programmed with pure, elemental information. Information is teleported into the water using a quantum physical device where, through a special procedure, they get stored in stable form for decades. As little as 10 drops of carefully selected Matrix Drops can trigger significant aura increase, which is the clear sign of extraordinary positive effects on the human organism. From the water, the human organism is capable of directly accepting the programmed information. The perfect information patterns repair information fields that are out of tune in the body. This process is similar to a computer software upgrade.

The Matrix Drops

  • improves quality of life considerably
  • assists in fulfilling the current life assignment
  • helps dissolve delusions, false beliefs
  • assists in removing emotional blocks, and negative thoughts
  • neutralizes disturbances triggered by the presence of heavy metals, vaccinations
  • neutralizes the influence of entities
  • unleashes talent and creativity and invites joy back in life
  • delivers an energy boost, clears the mind and sharpens the focus
  • gets rid of stress, anxiety and sense of guilt
  • enhances intuition
  • harmonizes emotions and relationships
  • helps in the prevention of the physical manifestation of psychosomatic disorders

The selection of the appropriate Matrix Drops out of the available 2000 can be achieved with the use of the Matrix Drops Computer, developed specifically for this purpose, or with a bio-tensor.

For those who use the Matrix Drops computer and information drops, unpleasant characteristics and weaknesses can be neutralized. The physical complaints can disappear. The negative effects caused by stress can be better treated. When blockages are resolved, the body fills with life and positive changes begin.

Why is that so important? For those discerning people who care about their bodies, their souls and their minds, prevention means having the pledge of a long and happy life in their hands. With the timely perception to recognize the disturbances of the soul and to harmonize these, no physical complaints can arise. The Matrix Drops Computer is an excellent tool of prevention, based on the recognition and harmonization of the soul.

For whom is it suitable:

  • for those who consider their appearance and inner balance important
  • who are demanding against themselves
  • who strive for harmony and are open for novelty
  • who are aware of their health, youth and beauty
  • for ladies and gentlemen, regardless of age

The Matrix Drops bring the challenges of everyday life in harmony with the hidden inner yearnings.


The Matrix Drops Computer is not a medical device. Matrix Drops is not a medicament or a medicinal preparation with healing properties.

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